I am sooo sad.....

  1. :crybaby:I called my Coach store (I am going in tomorrow to get my PCE purchases) and asked them if they have the scarf in the pear color (I am already getting it in pool) and they told me they show only one in Jax so they could put in a backorder but didnt seem likely I would get it. I was so hoping to get the green too :cursing:
  2. I am so sorry!!!
  3. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe check on eBay and see if anyone has one on there? *hug*
  4. What a bummer. I really want that scarf also.
  5. What a bummer! Keep your chin up, if you're meant to have it, it will pop up somewhere for you!
  6. Oh I'm sorry, that is a bummer. I hope it shows up!
  7. AWWW!!!! Im sorry too. Maybe check eBay or another Coach store and see if they can ship it to you or to the store you were going too.
  8. boo
    dont worry oen will show up soon!!!