I am SOOO sad...

  1. Sigh, How do I put this. I have to give away my little baby. I just need to rant. My little baby can't live at my bf's house any longer. My parents won't let him live with us either. He's been living at my bf's house for about 3 months and now his parents are making us give him away. He's the first puppy I've ever had and I totally fell in love with him. His name is Micki and... I'm just soo super sad. I've been crying for the past few days. My bf thinks I've over doing it. He just thinks its an animal. To me he's my little "son". He's a normal puppy that is curious and gets into everything. This is the reason why his parents are giving him the boot. He ruins the backyard and makes a big mess. I can't do anything, but to find him a good home. I'm really hoping someone I know takes him in so that I can at least see him every now and then. But my heart still aches. :crybaby:

    Here's the little guy. How can you NOT fall in love? Right?! :heart:

  2. Oh dear. I really don't know what to say.......don't understand people like this. I'm sorry sweetheart.:crybaby:
  3. I am soooooo sorry and sad for you!! Why is your BF's parents not wanting him to live there??? If its because of "Puppy Behavior" ...he will out grow that.

    I wish I lived closer to you....I'd take him in heart beat second!

    ahhhh...I have tears running down my face:crybaby: :crybaby: ...I'm soooo soooo sorry for you! My animals are my life:heart: ...so I totally understand.
  4. i am so sorry this happens to you.....
    but i think he will be adopted very quickly since he is so cute. or maybe one of the nice ladies on PF can take him in?
    do you think if you promise to train the puppy your parents will let him stay? It requires time and dedication... but it is worth it.

    when i first got my pup, my husband was totally convinced that i would never be able to take care of her. He was also convinced that the puppy would ruin things, including eat my bags and shoes and that I would be mad at her and get rid of her. I proved him wrong... I trained her and took care of her and now he has even given me the okay to have another pup in the future.
  5. That is terrible! He is sooo cute. I hope you can find a good home for him.
  6. Wow. I really don't understand why people get animals when the whole living situation thing isn't figured out?

    Sorry to sound harsh, but this really upsets me...SO MANY animals end up at the pound and animal shelters. because people fall in love with the cute puppy and don't think that the puppy will chew things, make messes, etc.

    I really hope you are able to find a good, safe home for your puppy for his sake.

    I think the best bet for the puppy would be to try and place him with a safe, stable home that you can 'check in on him' every few weeks or so to make sure he is being treated properly.

    If you can't find that kind of home for him, try contacting a breed rescue that could take him for you.

    Good luck...he is a cute puppy so hopefully someone will give him a good home.
  7. ^^ I agree with you couturegirl. I hate to hear stories like this. I hope you find him a good home. I wish there was some way you could change their minds......
  8. He is totally cute, what type of dog is he?
  9. Oh no Flung!! I'm so sorry :sad: Seeing his beautiful face makes me want to cry :crybaby:

    Is there no possible way you all could reach a compromise so that you can keep your baby and so that the boyfriends parents are happy?
  10. aww ... but all puppies are curious! :sad: my kitten was a little monster when we got her and my parents wanted her our of the house, but I convinced them to stick it out and now she's calm and friendly. I know that doesn't help you much, but your boyfriend's parents might turn a corner - you never know!
  11. o my god! :sad: it brings tears to my eyes thinking about ever EVER having to give up my loves :sad:

    Why dont people understand that for some of us pets become like family!

    why cant he live @ ur parents house :sad:
    MAN!!!! make sure you find him an amazing home CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screen the people you may give him to there are A LOT of scum bags out there who take animals and do very cruel things
    and dont send him 2 a shelter :sad: im soooooo sorrry
  12. Oh my! My heart is breaking for you. I seriously thought I could cry looking at those pics because he is the most adorable little guy. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that won't have to give him up. Otherwise, I am sure that you will continue to be a great mommy down to your last minutes together and will find him an amazing home with a loving family. :flowers:
  13. Omg... IM SO SORRY..he is so adorable. There is nothing you can do to work it out? Please dont give him to a shelter.. PM me
    Where do you live?
  14. What a beautiful pup...Im so sad for you..
  15. I'm sorry--you must feel devastated. It sounds like they aren't familiar with dogs and don't realize that puppies go thru this. Most places have "puppy kindergarten" where they learn some basic manners--would that soften their stance? They do need some training, but every dog I've ever had grew out of this phase, some faster than others.

    Wishing the best for you and your pup.