I am sooo sad.... anyone have a tissue??

  1. I won't go into lots of details but because of some completely unexpected turn of events, I've had to return my pond shoulder bag and wristlet to help with some 'emergency' situations. I don't mind really because it's for my family but at the same time I am very, very saddened to have to send my lovely bag back. It seems silly to be bothered and I know I'll have no regrets plus thank goodness I can return it. I hadn't even carried it yet, I was waiting for the first signs of spring! LOL! Anyway, I just knew I'd get a little understanding here and wanted a 'shoulder' to cry on! Of course, my dh thinks I'm the best thing since peanut butter so I can't complain! That's a nice feeling! There will be lots of other bags in the future too. Well, anyway, I guess I just needed to say this to someone who would really understand. Thanks for 'listening'! :crybaby:

    PS. I have my health, my family (and their health) and my home so I am still one happy woman! Just a little sad for my bag!
  2. Aww...sorry to hear about that. Hope all is well with your family! Don't worry, you'll get plenty of good karma and good bags in the future!!!
  3. aww...i hope everything is okay! *hug*

    and don't worry about your bag! you two will be reacquainted later, i'm sure!
  4. Aw! You are the best thing since peanut butter!

    Just think of it this way, in a year a million things could have happened to ruin that bag. However, in the same year your loved ones will do a million things that make YOU better!

    It is lovely, but if it was meant to be, you'll get it again at some point!
  5. Awww... Sweetie, that was a very kind gesture indeed. To part with something you love is very very hard to do. Heck, I don't even have the courage to break up with some of my unused bags. So, kudos for you! I am sure the pond shoulder bag and wristlet will find a loving home.
  6. You know what really felt good? My older son saw that I was packing up my bag and he said, "gee mom, I don't think I could do what you're doing!" I told him that of course he could, if it was what was best for his family and he agreed! Nice!
  7. what you did is great, and one day you and your bag will be reunited. i hope everything with your family turns out well and remember we are all here for you if you need us.

  8. Hugs! I totally understand! I am doing the same thing!
  9. Good for you having priorities! Karma will reward you.

    And...think of it this way, now you can buy it back during the PCE event?
  10. Aww that's so sweet :love: You are setting such a wonderful example. I know it hurts to let the bag go now, but don't worry as soon as things start looking up you'll be able to get it back! We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you :smile:
  11. TL... I'm sorry for the unfornuate circumstances, but you did have some luck on your side by having the bag in new condition, it was waitting for its purpose... on hold to help you out when you needed it... Good bag karma will come your way, and you are a brilliant role model to have such great priorities and judgement.

    *sending good bag karma your way* Best wishes and I hope everything is resolved in good time...:flowers:
  12. I couldn't agree more - very well said, B4B. While it hurts to do what you did, I truly believe that the results of your actions will far outweigh your current feelings. I hope all is well with your family and that it wasn't anything too serious. :flowers:
  13. You are very sensible and admirable...No material posession is worth having if it's getting in the way of other priorities...I hope all is well with your family...And it's true....Some day you will be rewarded for this unselfish act....And I'll bet you get this bag on sale!!! Good luck...Hope all is well...Hang in there!!
  14. I hope everything is OK with your family, and you will be rewarded with your lovely bags again ... don't worry! It is nice to have this forum for things such as this, I agree. Hugs!
  15. tlloveshim...how thoughtful of you to help out. Know that when we help other only good can come from it. Who knows you may be able at one point and time to get two pond bags:smile:

    it takes a special person to put others first. YOU are special!