I am sooo pissed right now - nail inside boots

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  1. I am really angry right now. I ordered YSL booties (online) and the moment I tried the left one on I discovered a nail- inside of the bootie poking my foot.

    The seller doesn’t have the boots anymore...

    Have you ever had any problems like this before?
    B21E980E-A2E1-44D0-933A-1F8116A3C0C5.jpeg 6C0FAF39-8D49-41BC-94FF-9C7481037354.jpeg 4914D48C-4B7D-4D0E-9A7F-5BB73A6F3BBE.jpeg Thanks for understanding my bad mood. ;)
  2. Where did you buy these from??? And why doesn't the sole reach the back of the actual inside of the shoe (2nd pic)? Are you positive these are authentic?
  3. I bought them on fashionette.de

    always thought they would only sell authentic stuff. Not sure anymore....
  4. Sent the pics to them asap.
    I bought from Fashionette before and had mixed experiences: A Gucci SLG which (much later) required repair work by Gucci was authentic without doubt. A Fendi bag I returned because the authenticity card was missing. I know Fashionette sells quite a few display models at reduced prices - could this be the case with your booties?
    In any case, I would return those shoes.