I AM SOOO MAD at UPS! no shirise order yet!

  1. I've been WAITING ALL MORNING for my Shirise order (2 shrugs, cornflower and ink) and at 11:00 I decided to check the outside of my door JUST IN CASE, and there was a STUPID notification slip left by UPS! DO THEY NOT RING THE DOORBELL!? It was left at 10:48!!!!:rant: :censor: :yucky: !!! You guys should know I've been waiting since Tuesday for this package. AGHHHHHHH! I am trying to get them to redeliver today, otherwise the next scheduled delivery is MONDAY! NO WAY am I going to wait alll weekend for this!:cry:
  2. cant u go pick it up at the post office? thats what im hoping since my BalNY bag is supposed to come today and im at work til 5...yikes!
  3. no, it's UPS, so i need to find my way to the distribution center somewhere. i heard if i complain enough (like to the supervisor, supervisor's supervisor, etc.) they will delivery it again on the same day, but in the evening.
  4. awww :censor: !!! is it possible to pick it up from the ups distribution center? i need to look up where one is. grrr

    hope they'll redeliver it for you today!!
  5. thank you rose! yea, i'm waiting for ups to call me, i only spoke to a machine the first time i called. i hate machines.
  6. i would call and call and call and call hahaha get them to bring it!!!! you neeeeeeeeeeeeeed your bags for this weekend and i need mine! haha good luck again :biggrin:
  7. I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hahahaha... calm down, girl..... I'm here waiting too... I'm stuck at home waiting for that UPS guy....
  9. grrr... i HATE it when they do that! sometimes i leave a post it on my door when i know i have something coming, saying yes-i'm home! ring the doorbell please!
  10. Hi, there! Definitely call and complain. That happened to a friend of mine & she was positively livid! They immediately sent the driver back to her house to redeliver her package. Do not settle for anything less than them coming back to redeliver today(even if it is later in the evening--they should not make you wait until Monday).
  11. yea, i called 3 times, and all those times they would say, "i'll give you a call back immediately.", but nobody ever returns my phone calls! Worse comes to worse, I can go pick i up after 7 pm at the redistribution center. still waiting for the driver to call!
  12. hi didi, this has happened to me too. Don't just call the main number.
    All they will do is just put the request into the computer...big whoop.
    I have had luck when I talk to the actual distribution center for my area, but speak to a supervisor. Hold for one if you have to, don't let them take your number for a call back, you might just continue to wait and wait.
    I don't get it, they don't knock or ring the bell and then other times they scare the cr:censor:P out of me when they almost break the door down.lol
    Good luck, wishing you won't have to wait till Monday.
  13. thanks bella. yes, i did talk to the distribution.................YAYAYAYA, He's HERE! UPS IS HERE!!!!! I GOT IT! Gotta go to open up my box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. OH MY! GASP! The two colors are sooo gorgeous. i'm going to post pics in another thread.
  15. Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! Look forward to seeing your new Bbags! :smile: