I am sooo gutted

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  1. So all week I was waiting and dreamning about winning the eye miss you bag in black - I decided to use bidnip as normal as I was at work when it finished ... but my snipe did not work - so i did not win and it went for an amazing price of $1245 ..... I am so annoyed :sad2:
  2. Aww, I'm sorry, kimmy :sad: There will be other bags!
  3. what is bidnip?
  4. Damn, and I completely forgot about it too!!!:lol: It did sell for a great price!!!
  5. That's ashame. :sad2: Maybe you'll find another one soon.
  6. what's bidnip?
  7. Sorry to hear that Kimmy, you'll find one eventually.
  8. Awwww... that sucks! I'm sure there will be another one pop up and ebay soon.
  9. Kimmy, I am sorry.....
    I use Auction Sniper and have never had a problem.
    I just won Speedy a month ago and used a snipe. I was so scared it would not bid on time, but it did!!!
    I have won about six, seven auctions with it..

    And I don't bid a whole lot...

    Sorry again..I hope you find another one.
  10. well j,

    since none of the girls will give us an answer, i looked it up myself. bitnip is a sniper program that you can use to bid for an item at the very last second of the auction. PM me your email and I'll send you an invite. they giving 5 free snipes out.
  11. Aww.. bummer, I'm sure another one will come around.
  12. If your snipe wouldn't have won, and depending on how many seconds there were to go, the program might not have bothered since you wouldn't win. I've gotten my messages from the program I use that says the price was already over my bid so that was that.

    Good luck next time!