I Am SOOO Excited!!!

  1. I just bought a pre-loved Speedy 40!!! I have always loved the Speedy, and had a 30 for a short while, but found that it was a little small for my big-bag tastes. So, I sold it and got a Lockit Vertical. I thought that one was a bit too tall, and really missed my Speedy. I tried on a new Speedy 40 at LV last week, and loved the bag, but wasn't totally in love with the brand-new, super light handles. I prefer a warm patina, and found a beautiful one on the MyPoupette site, ImageChic.com. It is in great condition, with an even, lovely patina. I can't wait for it to arrive!!!!

    I went online today and purchased a Speedy pillow for her arrival, and plan to take very good care of her once she arrives. I'll post pics in a few weeks, both of my new-to-me baby, and a "family" pic (I am getting my two wallets and keychain back from LV tomorrow after two weeks away getting hot stamped). So, my collection now consists of...

    Speedy 40
    Cabas Mezzo
    Looping MM
    Hampstead MM
    Epi Petit Noe (Kenyan Fawn/warm brown color)
    Cowhide Leather Fortune keychain
    Mono Canvas Zippe wallet
    Damier Zippe wallet
    Mono Canvas poche cosmetique
    (& book, Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury)

    I am so excited... I think my collection is complete for a good while now (if I only had a dime for everytime I've said that)! Anyway, thanks for letting me share - I love my buddies here - none of my friends or family understand my LoVe of LV! :yahoo:
  2. Congratulations on finding your perfect Speedy 40! I own a mono Speedy 35 and find that it's too big for me to use as an every day bag. Therefore, I'm going to use it as travel bag. Enjoy your latest LV acquisition.
  3. Congrats on your purchase. Preloved patina is the best!

    I love big bags, too and had been thinking about Lockit Horizontal or a Speedy 35. but now that I've been seeing all the Miroir Lockits, I've been liking that style. Not in Miroir but Mono. Maybe, though, I should look at Speedy 40...:yes: