I am sooo excited! Daphne finally called and this gorgeous bag is one its way!

  1. I know you guys have seen lots of pics of Steel & SGH, but I thought this bag that Daphne picked was particularly pretty. I'm so excited!
    DSC04297.JPG DSC04298.JPG
  2. Wow - that is absolutely stunning! It looks a lot different than anthra in that pic. Daphne always picks out the best ones! Congrats and enjoy! It's gorgeous!
  3. Is that the Step?
  4. the leather looks amazing!
  5. GORGEOUS!!!:love::love: So excited for you!!!!:yahoo:
  6. :tup: CoNGrats... the Steel is one of my favorite colors. :heart:
  7. No, its the brief. I believe the step doesn't come with giant hardware.
  8. Really liking the Steel Brief! Nice choice. :yes:
  9. Thanks. Gorgeous bag!!!
  10. Very nice. Congrats!
  11. I spoke with Daphane yesterday and she was the greatest....she took the time to really go over inventory with me about the Giant Brief and Hobos with silver hardware. Congrats on your great bag and color.
  12. OMG Circoit I love your bag. The leather is so smooth & look very thick. You really rock with that bag. Congratulation. I have to agree with you.. Daphne is a superstar choosing the smooshiest bbag
  13. Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to comment! I really hate how you can only return things to Balenciaga NY for credit, but everytime I hear those horror stories of NM and Barney's SAs, it only affirms that I am saving myself a lot of trouble by sticking with BNY. Plus, as you guys have already stated, Daphne does have great taste!

    When I get her, I'll try and post some modeling pics. This will be my first brief so I can't wait.
  14. beautiful color and leather!
  15. I love it!