I Am Sooo Depressed!!!

  1. How stupid of me. I cant believe I did this. My brand new Black Clemence 35cm Birkin with GH....I ruined her! I scratched the turn-key plate in the front. It looks like sandpaper was rubbed on it. I dont know how this happened. It looks awful! I want to cry! How can this be fixed???? DH said he cant tell but I CAN.
  3. You can probably bring it to Hermes and they can replace it. I'm so sorry it happened. I also worry about scratches that appear on the hardware. It'll be okay. Just bring it to your local Hermes.
    So sorry this happened! But it can be replaced.
    All will be well, SP! I will keep my fingers crossed that it will be soon.
  5. Don't fret, my dear. Just take it to your local H boutique and have the hardware replaced. It'll be okay. *Hugs*
  6. SP, the first scratch on your new bag is always the hardest. Since it's on the hardware, that can be easily be replaced.

    I was telling my SA about the scratches on my Birkin when she gave me a stern look. She reminded me that every mark on the Birkin personalizes my bag and makes it mine. That's why each bag is special. I guess I'd compare any scruff or scratch to a line on my face. I've earned it.
  7. Remember we cannot keep our bags perfect. Hermes wants us to use our bags and love them. But of course, H can change the hardware back to new-like condition.
  8. I know I am being superficial...but I just used it once and I scratched it. I feel like a clumsy person. I am actually crying right now and DH thinks I am over-reacting.
  9. Dear SP:

    Totally understand because I am a perfectionist too...

    I've seen some "MIRACLE" that the craftsmen are able to do for the badly BEATED' bags, so I think H stores can come to your 'rescue'!!!

    Don't do anything on your own because you might worse the situation; just let the professionals take care of it and I think it can be 'CURED'!!!

    Keep us posted...
  10. SP ~ If It Bothers You That Much ~ You Definitely Should Bring It In.....Don't Be Too Hard Yourself, This Has Happened To So Many!:heart:
  11. It happened to one of my bags too. Totally understand how you feel but don't fret. You can always get it changed at the store.
  12. Love this way of thinking.
  13. awwww, even a Princess ( simplyprincess) can get upset:yes: but, don't cry over anything that can't cry over you.

    Depending on how deep the scratch is, I feel it can be made to look lots better. I don't enjoy that first scratch either but, they come with use and on the h/w too as well as the leather.

    Only way to prevent it is keep the bag inside it's box, shrinkwrapped.
  14. I've never minded the scratches on my hardware....I guess because it's a sign that the bag is being well loved and used. But I can understand how you feel and just know that it can be fixed with a little visit to the spa......
  15. hugs. hope u feel better soon!