I am sooo cross!

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  1. As some of you know I recently had a trip to London and in particular Sloane street LV, whilst there I purchased ny gorgeous Alma Bleu Nuit and the stunning inclusion heart pendant, this trip was 3 weeks ago this coming Sat.

    Anyway whilst there I purchased a gift for Serena who organises the LV RAOK, Serena knew it was going to be delayed as I have been hectic with studies and it was to follow a larger package.

    I wanted to get it stamped so left it with the SA with the promise of it being received by end of week the following week, fast forward a week after this promised delivery date and still no package so I called SA who said had been off and item was posted early that week, and promised a call the next day to ensure I had received.

    Almost another week gone still no item, no call and so I called customer services again to then receive call from a manager at the store.

    I tell her the whole story and she goes on to tell me they have had probs with stamping machine for few days blah blah blah and it will be posted out in morning.

    I told her I did not care about their machine being broke the last few days as the SA had told me he posted it out and I purchased it nearly 3 weeks ago, he had clearly lied!!!

    I am so disgusted with not only the SA but also the other person trying to make excuses, very poor service IMHO

    So I am cross and sorry Serena I am still waiting!!!
  2. Unfortunantly I have heard LV stories like this before. Not that I am going to bash LV altogether. I think you can get poor customer service anywhere. Did you try to mkae a complaint? I would. I can't believe he lied to you. I am so sorry.
  3. I so love LV, however they need to work on their customer service skills.