I am soo getting these!!

  1. [​IMG]



  2. NM is hot today!
  3. I saw those!! Hot!
  4. I love the first ones. I have seen photos of them in a purple and blue :nuts:
  5. Noe, those three are my favorites to come out so far. I am glad to see the Lady Noeud's under the $800 price range. When I saw them last year at CLs appearance in NM I could have sworn all the prices were above $800.

    Here they are in black:
  6. LavenderIce those look so nice on you! omg btw is your avatar a shih tzu?
  7. Lavendar did you see the yellow/gold ones on Oprahs site !!! I must have them!

  8. i just saw them and they are way gorgeous totally tdf!!!
  9. I LOVE these!!!
    My bf owes me a pair so ill have to drag him to NM!
    They look great on you Lavender!..im also drooling over your python simples! I have yet to buy myself a pair but they are on my long cl list mainly because of you.;)

  10. noe, those satin slingbacks are too cute:drool:
  11. do you all think the satin slingback should only be worn with a dress or dressier clothing?? Not jeans?
  12. you can get away with it w/dark denim and a dressy top IMO
  13. Gorgeous Lav!!!!!!!
  14. wow you are my CL buying idol!
  15. [​IMG]

    Here is the photo from netaporter, even though the shoes aren't listed on their site.