I am SOBBING right now

  1. OMG girls, I am devastated. I have treated my Kooba with loving kid gloves, NEVER setting her on the floor, kitchen counter, table, etc. ONLY on her dustbag, IN her dustbag, or on a clean elevated surface. Well I happened to look at the bottom of her today (having not had her long at all!) and guess what? There are little YELLOW specks all over the one side of the bottom and on the corners! It is horrible! I took pics and will post in a bit. I am so upset. It is as if the dye wore off in spots. My husband felt so bad he spoke with Saks Off Fifth for me and is returning it as we speak to the Sunrise location. They were very understanding, thank goodness. I am just at a loss as to what happened. I was so careful, I was ridiculous about it. I know I would have noticed that when I got it, so ... ? They did locate another one at an Off Fifth but my husband said NO way, no more outlets, go to Kooba.com directly. What do you guys think? I know that the Off Saks closer to me (Sunrise location, where we are returning this one, not the Orlando one where mine was originally shipped from) got in a funky group of Kooba Carlas right from Kooba, in fact, they even called Kooba about them! I saw them last time I was there and they were bad. Half bag was one shade, the other another, one was so badly dyed it looked almost black. I doubt any regular Saks or NM, BG etc would have accepted them for sale. So ever since then, and now this, my husband has been skeptical. I don't know what to think, just that I am without my Carla now and having to order another one from somewhere. :sad: Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. So Sorry!
    Your hubby is supportive so you'll get another one.....do a search on nm and bg, I saw some Koobas on sale there....maybe you don't have to go to kooba directly.
  3. Oh no, Cheekers! So sorry to hear. No worries. Your next Kooba will be perfect! Sending you a hug.
  4. Thanks girls, this baffles me, and I am just so darn down about it ...
  5. Aww cheer up *hugs* hopefully there won't be problems with your next 1 :smile:
  6. I can imagine how badly you must feel, especially if you haven't had this bag for very long. I'm so sorry this happened! :crybaby:

    My guess is that you got a bag from one of the bad dye lots that you described. Even if the bag wasn't discolored like the others, the dye or stain could have deteriorated or perhaps the leather wasn't properly prepared before the dyes were applied. It could easily be a problem in manufacturing. I can't imagine that it was because of anything you did.

    How disappointing! I hope Kooba keeps a close on eye on this kind of thing. I'd hate to think such a good company with such wonderful bags might be having QC problems.

    Please let us know how this sorts out.
  7. Here are (be it crappy) pics ...



  8. I didn't even circle the specks, they are so obvious you can spot them quite easily!
  9. I'm so sorry this happened! I know how it feels...it hurts a fave bag gets hurt! You have a wonderful and considerate husband! Let us know what you end up getting. :flowers:
  10. I hate to say it but maybe that one was a fake? Is that possable?
  11. aw that suckkkk cheekers thank goodnes they are taking it back!!!! a lot of places wouldnt take a bag back if u had it for any time,,

    but if its obvious its a leather defect then i guess that makes sense!

    How weird :sad: i guess you got a damaged one but since they are taking it back have no fear the one you get back will be perfect!!!! Check it all over 1 million times when you get it
    and it shouldnt be like that again trust me i saw a billion at the sales and such and none had that :sad: u just got an unlucky bad one but it will all be oK!:heart: :heart:
  12. A fake from Saks Off Fifth? I would hope not. :sad:
  13. Cheer up, your hubby is taking care of it (he sounds fantastic and understanding!).
    Kooba should really take more care!
  14. My hubby IS great, you all are right. This bag was from Saks Off Fifth, not right from Kooba, but still ...

    My husband's point was if Kooba DID have a dye issue with a batch and sent these to Saks or NM or BG directly they would NOT sell bags like this ... they would have explained what they saw to Kooba and sent them back for a new batch. Now at Saks Off Fifth, and maybe at NM Last Call, they apparently would sell them b/c I was there and they had Kooba bags having gone through a rough dye process as I said ...

    This is why I really hesitate with eBay, should this have happened with a bag from there I would be screwed.