I am so worried! Seller question..

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  1. So I've recently sold a bag on ebay for a little over $2500. I paid for a postage online through ebay, then I went to the postal office to buy insurance on the bag and I was told that insurance came with the signature confirmation. Fast forward, a few days later, I tracked the package and for some reason, only the original tracking that I bought through ebay was updated-- it was delivered. The other tracking that was on the package (that is linked to the insurance) didn't updated. It's stuck at "Out for delivery".

    I emailed the buyer anyway, who was always very prompt to reply. I mentioned that it looks like she received the bag and if everything checks out, please leave a feedback. It's only been a day and she still haven't reply. I am just really paranoid now, because I don't want the buyer claiming she didn't receive the bag. I hope I won't take a hit because the postal worker who shipped the bag didn't bother scanning the "insured" tracking or let's say, even asking for the signature.

    Have this ever happened to someone?
  2. First of all, let me preface this by saying that most buyers are not scammers, and this could easily work out fine.

    The postal worker was correct that insurance requires a signature, but it's not viewable online, something that PP requires for purchases over $250.00; you have to purchase extra signature confirmation to get that. And I hate to worry you by saying this, but without the online viewable signature, if the buyer files INR, the buyer will win the claim.

  3. Did you e-mail the buyer thru ebay messaging system?

    It is the weekend & perhaps your buyer is away or not on the computer.

    You already sent your message & for the time being no news is good news.

    Give her a couple of days to hear back...
  4. I would wait as well. Sometimes, people are too busy to email back even though its an easy yes or no. I do it often :S
  5. Thank you guys, I will try to be patient and wait it out.

    What I'm really afraid of is that I didn't get signature confirmation. I should've read and do some research before shipping it. I knew I needed signature confirmation but didn't know there was a difference between the two when the postal worker insisted that insurance came with it. I've contacted PayPal and they mention that it varies case by case but I should be fine.

  6. As long as PP says you should be fine, just sit tight & be patient.

    This was a learning experience for you, next go around you will know
    to make sure to get signature confirmation from postal worker & if
    you have to insist, insist!!
  7. With all the business USPS gets through ebay and paypal shipping, they really need to do a better job of training their employees.

    I have yet to find one employee who understands the difference between s.c. and the signature obtained for insurance purposes.

    There have even been cases where a seller will go to the post office to ship a package, insure the package and request signature confirmation and they are talked out of the s.c. as being unnecessary.

  8. I have found all of this to be true. It's immensely frustrating!

  9. So very true. I've had it happen locally. it's just a fact that the PO staff is not attuned to Paypal/eBay requirements for seller protection.
  10. Yes. It has happened to me. Once even when I had to argue with the clerk that I wanted both Signature Confirmation AND Insurance on a $1400 bag and she finally agreed after a line of 20 people piled up behind me. I then realized when I got home and looked at the receipt that she actually had only given me insurance. I came right back and the postmaster tried to charge me a #@$@! recall fee even though it was the clerk's mistake and the package was still sitting behind the counter.

    But after all that once I got it corrected and got Signature Confirmation added the carrier at the other end never got a signature, anyway! LOL.

    Even if you do purchase S.C. there's no guarantee they'll get you a signature!

    That's why I am sticking to UPS now for more expensive bags.

    Sorry, I was just ranting instead of being helpful. But OP, the good news is that most people are not scammers and hopefully you will be OK. I would not contact your buyer any more about it, though. Just hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed.

    And good luck!

  11. I hope all works out for you. Please be patient and let the buyer respond. I did the same thing when I sold an expensive item $2000.00 and the post office showed the item as "delivered"but P.O.never got a signature even though I paid extra for insurance and is required to get a signature for items over $200.00. Two months later I got a cc chargeback from paypal. Because they could not prove delivery and buyer filed a INR claim. I also think I was totally scammed (by post office inside job or buyer). Do they see highly insured items and snag them??
    But I did all the right things to ensure delivery but it didn't end well for me.

    I wish you luck. Let us know how it turns out.

    P.s. Started using fed express and paid for direct signature on package and they didn't do it either!!
  12. Sorry to hijacked this thread but I'm wondering the same thing, is that post office always require signature when you buy insurance? So if buyer claims that INR, can you file a claim with P.O? And in that case, P.O have to provide you proof of delivery (signature of delivery) for you to submit to PayPal?
  13. No. Because if the PO gets their signature for insurance and their internal tracking shows the item is delivered they won't pay out on a claim regardless of what eBay/PP/your buyer says.

    PP requires online viewable proof of delivery/signature to cover you for seller protection. The proof you can get from the PO (if you can get it) when an insured package is signed for might help you fight a chargeback or take the buyer to small claims court but it doesn't qualify you for seller protection.
  14. Don't believe I've ever posted on an eBay thread and I apologize for jumping in here, but it has crossed my mind many times that the more one insures a package for, the more the price screams "high value item inside." It's a genuine concern.

    As far as signature confirmation goes, I cannot tell you how many USPS packages I have had left on my front porch that clearly stated "SIGNATURE REQUIRED." No one ever rang my door bell, knocked, nothing. This includes packages from Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor...and the packages clearly state that. So, I must say the USPS is extremely negligent when dealing with signatures.

    When mailing packages with Delivery Confirmation, I was told the carrier did NOT have to scan it at every stop, or even when it arrives. It depends on whether or not he:
    A: Has the time
    B: Has the hand-held machine to sign
    C: Possibly left it in delivery truck and has no desire to go get it.

    So, basically, there is no tracking for many packages. One is left hanging, waiting to hear from the Buyer, or waiting for said package to arrive.

    UPS, on the other hand, will not leave a package without getting a signature when required. They give it 3 tries, then you have to go to their main office (wherever that is) and pick it up yourself.

    Again, my apologies for jumping in here...I do wish you well.

  15. Uadit: so let me confirm since I'm going thru it now.... No signature was obtained on my $1000.00 insured item but tracking shows "delivered" ( but was inaccurate shows Sunday delivery at 1am) what are the chances p. o. will pay me?

    Also let me ask is there a safe way to hold the package or send it certified mail someone said requires signature. Insurance and sig confirm doesn't seem to work.