I Am So Upset...

  1. I received my Mirior pochette in the mail today and it was damaged. There are a couple of scratches on the front of the bag and the dustbag has a hole in it. I have a call into the SA, waiting for her to call me back. I can't believe it...now I don't know if I should get another or just look for something else. :cursing:
  2. your SA will help you get to the bottom of it - wow, that sucks!!! Sorry, I bet you were so excited to take it out too! What a bummer!!
  3. BIG BUMMER!:crybaby: I would be upset too!:cursing: I hope it all works out for you
  4. Sorry to hear that. I would just get another one. Keep us posted.
  5. sorry that happened! I hope your SA helps you with the prob!
  6. What? not only miroir wasn't pack properly, the dust bag also have a hole??? Definitely ring your SA and tell him/her to do something quick!
  7. I think you should just exchange it for another Miroir Pochette. ;)
  8. Tell your SA you need to exchange this for a perfect now!
  9. that sucks..sorry that happened, I hope you will get the replacement soon..keep us posted.
  10. should return it
  11. i agree with John5
  12. There are others out there, 800 vuitton can find them for you if your SA can't fix it.

    Get a perfect one.
  13. I know this may seem like a silly question but have you tried rubbing it off (just you finger don't use a cloth may be too rough)
  14. That really sucks. I hope you get this resolved soon.
  15. How disappointing to spend that much on something and not have it arrive in perfect condition. :sad: Hope you get it resolved soon!