I am so UPSET!

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  1. My Maddison shoulder bag is messed up!! :crybaby: I have not had her for a month. One of the straps thread came undone. I am so sad. I do not want to have to go to the store because they have done exchanges with my bags when I get anal, and little things bother me. They are probably going to think that I am crazy. I will put some pictures up right now.... The bag still works, I guess but I am scared that they are more quality problems with the bag.
  2. Let's see some pic's!!! Don't be sad, you have the right to own a quality bag for the more than generous prices that are paid for them!!!
  3. If it is just a loose thead, JAX's should be able to fix it if you don't want to take it back for an exchange.
  4. It doesn't sound too awful bad, but I'd be interested in the pics. Hopefully you will be able to get it fixed without much trouble!
  5. I was going to start a thread, but I did not want to make anyone nervous about quality. I ordered a gray multi gorgeous madison shoulder bag and the first one arrived with a thread on the gold. The sa cut it off in the bag and it really looked fine and she was super nice. I thought, hmm maybe it would unravel and she ordered me a new one. It arrived yesterday and the bottom under the gold, the stich was stopped and curvy and it was pointy on top. on the top the leather was cut uneven like a sewing scissors. I called Jax they said sent it back to Jax not the store to inspect it and the girl saw I felt so sad that she authorized a small discount on the bag. Last night I felt a bit better but for 578 although credit, I think I want to see my bag in the store. I am so sorry about your bag. I wonder if yours is the same type as mine only solid? Let me know. I am so upset too.
  6. I'm sorry you aren't happy with the bag's stitching. Hopefully this will be easy to resolve. Don't worry about being "anal" about the bags. You paid for them and should be happy with the quality.
  7. Thanks ladies... I am working on the pics. I am just a little behind... Hold up!
  8. Hang in there, sweetie, and hopefully it can be fixed! But I know that panic-stricken feeling that you get when you realize you have a faulty expensive bag on your hands. And I'd like to see the pics, too.