I am so upset..

  1. Hi, girls.. as you might know, I ordered the medium flap in dark white caviar, like ladydeluxe's. I ordered from Lisa Hamlin, NM Troy. Being a resourceful lady, she got another store to send it over, so I didn't have to pay American tax. Now, this morning the bag arrived in Australia, at my home and guess what??!! It was BEIGE... :cursing: Even though the NM Troy receipt had handwritten words Med Flap Dk White, I guess the sending store sent a BEIGE. On a scale of one to ten, one being calm and ten being "in a fighting mode", I was maybe four.

    I am quite annoyed because I didn't get the one I wanted badly. I even started thinking that if I had gotten the lambskin one, I would have the dark white instead of BEIGE..

    If I send it back and get Lisa to send another dark white, I will get charged Aus customs again. Now, it is such a waste of money.:crybaby:

    Now, today my new sharpey flap is supposed to arrive as well. And my boyfriend asked me to accompany him buy some DURIAN. I told him I wanted to wait for the fedex guy, because I paid almost $200 for shipping to get it shipped priority (3 working days). But he told me that FedEx guys usually deliver to the city centre at around lunchtime.

    Because of the durian hunt, I missed the delivery man (who came at 10 am and not lunchtime), and tomorrow I can't be at home to wait for it :cursing:. If I had used USPS, I can get it from the local post office now, but because it is FedEx, I have to pick it up from a distant suburb, exactly between 6 to 7 pm or else they won't release it. If I had used FedEx economy or USPS, it would cost much less and it will be in my hands on Monday anyway.

    On top of all that, my boyfriend just told me that he is going to work overseas. He's leaving next week.

    I still have my thesis to complete and this whole mess is killing me.
  2. are you sure it is not the off white? Im saying that because the of white I have seen look like a light beige to me
  3. oh mgdinosaur, i feel for you, truly i do :sad: There are some days where everything seems to go wrong, and it really reeks! I'm having one of those days too, so don't worry you're not alone there. With regards to the dark white flap, the colour is supposed to be a pale creamy beigey sort of colour, not a true white. Is this the colour of your bag, or is it the darker tan/brown sort of beige that's seen on the classic beige flaps?

    And i know its a hassle to drive to the fedex centre to get your bag, but think positive and think of how happy you're going to be when you break that new sharpey baby out of that box for the 1st time! :yes:

    and as for your boyfriend leaving next week, and the thesis--- let's just say i know EXACTLY how you feel. I'm in a fairly similar situation at the moment, so big hugs to you! I hope you feel better soon!

    p.s. sending you a PM re: customs taxes right now!
  4. I am quite sure. It's the usual beige readily available in Oz.:yes:

    Also, the box doesn't come with the larger sticker and the barcoded sticker has a differet number to the bag and auth card. I think they picked up the box and assumed the inside is the same as the product of the barcode.

    Or maybe I'm blind.. :roflmfao:eheheh.. which happens quite often when I am not thinking straight. but i'm sure it's the usual beige..

  5. thank you for your PM..

    it is more dark tan than beige.. it is way darker than my dark white reissue too.. i really like the creamy ivory colour.. but i got a tan one.

    i am beginning to like it nevertheless because i had wanted to get an E/W beige flap.. but today I got a medium beige flap.. so, bye bye to E/W.. but I wanted a dark white one in the beginning, so i kinda annoys me.

    I hope the sharpey will make me happy..
  6. Is that lambskin beige or caviar? Anyway I just got my medium flap lambskin in beige color too. It looks elegant and all my friends love it. I believe you will fall in love with it soon...:tup:
  7. it's caviar beige..

    thanks.. it's not too bad, just that it isn't what I initially wanted..
  8. why should you suffer the consequences of someone's mistake? you paid quite a lot, u have to get what you paid for

    complain, and demand that they pay for the shipping costs to send back the beige one, and to ship the colour you want to you.

    That's what they should do.

    dun take what you dun want
  9. Hi dear.. sorry for your bad day... why don't you post a pic of your bag for us to look at.... i am sure it's a beauty...
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you got the wrong bag.
    I've used Lisa a couple of time and never had a problem.
    It is a drag because of the tax and duty you incurred. You should talk to Lisa about it, she 'll be able to help you. She doesn't like unhappy customers, she'll definitely will try and fix this up for you.
  11. ACKS! oh dearie, that sounds like a bad situation you're in, i'm so so sorry to hear that! okay firstly, i think your SA made a blunder b/c off white or dark white means ivory or cream. i think that's pretty much understood. ask your SA why that happened and tell her how unhappy and upset you are with the order and see what she can do for you. i'm sure she'll be able to come up with something (like free shipping maybe?) omg i can't wait to see your sharpei! i hope you get the same ivory flap like mine and we can be twin sisters ;) chin up anyway, cause you know at the end of the day you'll get 2 FAB chanels! :biggrin:

    i'm waiting for my patent jumbo, my SA told me she's gonna arrive today at her store (got it transferred from NYC) and hopefully she'll reach safe and sound (and perfect since my eyes are really anal). wish me luck!

    *hugs*, C
  12. I guess so.. but what about customs duties and taxes.. Anyway, my darling boy picked up my sharpey after my long "upsetness" today. It's beautiful.. I'm figuring out a way to post pictures.. I don't know how to post pictures.. not just yet..

    I'll learn how..:yahoo:
  13. Yahaaa... hope everything turns out for you..

    Ok, so what happened was, I think Lisa made the right description and order to the other store. The receipt has a handwritten remark Med Flap Dk White. The receipt was from NM Troy (store 033) but the bag was sent from somewhere else (store 027).

    I think the other store sent the beige thinking I ordered a beige.

    Anyway, I might just keep it because I don't want to pay for customs duties and import taxes (such a tight ass). But seriously.. I don't want to pay an extra $200.

    BUT, guess what??!! I found a fray on the leather strap. I'm quite anal about new bags. I can't blame Lisa, she is great. She didn't even see the bag because it was being sent from another store. :nogood:

    On the other hand.. quick, teach me how to upload photos. The sharpey is here. That bag made my day.
  14. Oh, mg, i'm sorry you had such a terrible day - it sounds like the sharpei has made it better though!

    it sounds like lisa did an ok job and there was a mix up at the other store. If you feel up to it, you should think about writing her an email and letting her know about the stuff up and asking if they would cover customs and postage - after all it was their mistake and they should set it right at no further expense to you. Give it a try - the worst they can do is say no and you'll be no worse off.

    to upload photos, go to "go advanced" (below the posting box) and there should be a paper clip button where you can attach photos from your hard drive. Otherwise, if they are small enough, you can right click on the photo, press "copy" and just paste it into the posting box by right clicking and selecting "paste."
  15. Here is the sharpey flap's debut..

    It's coming out of the box..
    Shar Pei 4.jpg Shar Pei 5.jpg Shar Pei 6.jpg Shar Pei 7.jpg Shar Pei 8.jpg