I am so upset!(pregnancy related)

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  1. (sorry so long):
    So I am a high risk pregnancy person, I have had 6 pregnancies and only 2 live births. Strangely enough, the two live births(other than an ectopic) were my first children. The other two had anomolies, possibly from the fact I taught cosmetology school, there was a thought of some connection to the chemicals there.
    I am 13 weeks, and had some intermittant bleeding at 7 weeks. Insurance did not cover my usual doctor, so I went to a new one. She acted like she was not going to do anything until I was 12 weeks, she didn't think it was worth the trouble in case I miscarried. She told me to pretend I wasn't even pregnant, did not even give me a prescription to prenatals, just some samples(I bought my own at WalMart).So last Thursday,at 12 weeks, I had my usual checkup so I showered. Upon exiting, I had hemorraging, so much I lost 4lbs. They sent me to the emergency room, where I sat all day and never saw my doctor(no food or drink). The ultrasound showed a very healthy fetus, so they sent me home and said call new doc in a week. So Sunday it starts again, and I go to emergency. They have me there for 10 hours, no food or drink, and take blood and nothing else(consulting new doc the whole time) and tell me to call the office today and see her . So I do, and they tell me I can't see a doctor,only a midwife. So I wait another day to see the doctor. I got very upset, and my hubby did some searching and found out we could actually go to my old doctor, the one who actually gave me a living, breathing child. They squeeze me in asap, and are already ordering up all of the tests and reviewing things so they have a plan. I called the new doctor to cancel and left a message. They call me back just now to tell me the doctor can't see me tomorrow. I said, that's okay because I called and left a message to cancel because I got a new doctor! I understand I am high risk, but I have children who are alive!!! Why did they treat me like this? I am always polite and try not to pester, so it is not like I called the doctor at home ever,and only called the office a few times. I am so glad that I got my old doctor back, but geez!
  2. I can't believe they would treat you like that! Its great that you were able to get your old doctor back. I hope everything goes well for the rest of your pregnancy.
  3. Gosh so sorry to hear abt this... I just hate to hear about how insensitive doctors are these days. Its really tough to find a good doc, and I am having some issues with my own. Good luck to you LVmom, and glad to hear that the U/S was showing good things. I wish a happy and healthy pregnancy to you! :biggrin:
  4. That sounds horrible! What makes you high risk? Many women miscarry and have etopic pregnancies. You may actually get better car from a midwife since the appointments are usually much longer (1 hour or more) than with a doctor.

    There are books are charting your ovulations like Taking Charge of Your Fertility. According to this book it is actually it is quite common for women to miscarry early in pregnancy. A very small percentage of births actually make it to term. Most of the time it is like a period so many women have no idea.

    Personally I would read up on childbirth in general. Being well informed has really made me at ease with childbirth and pregnancy instead of hoping my doctor has all the answers.

    You may be able to get a better response from pregnancy boards like Babycenter.com and Mothering.com (mothering is more natural childbirth related but a lot of very knowledgable people post there).

    Henci Goer and Ina May Gatskin have some great books. They are slanted towards natural childbirth but they candidly discuss tests and interventions based on medical studies - not hospital policy.

    Hope this helps.
  5. ^^I have an incompetent cervix, my cervix is too thin. That is why I am high risk. Thanks, guys! I guess I was just shocked that the new doctor was so cold! My old doctor is never friendly, we call him "dry" but he NEVER makes you feel like you and your child were anything but important to him!
  6. What a horrible experience for you. I am glad you can see your previous doctor and that they are taking your medical issues seriously.
  7. LVMom, i'm so sorry that your new docs treated you so badly. that is really horrible and no one deserves to be treated that way. they should be trying to help you have a successful pregnancy, not treat you like the way they have!!!

    at least the old doc gives you and your baby the respect and concern you both deserve. I'd say at this point that you may just want to stick with the old doc. the other alternative of going around searching for new doctors might be too tiring and time consuming. the old doc knows your history and wont have to get up to speed on it.

    try breaking the ice with the doc. How's your weekend, did you have a good weekend etc.

    I have one doc that was just dry and it's taken almost 10 yrs to get him to say one sentence when i see him now. LOL

    I'm so glad ur baby is fine though.
  8. I'm so so sorry that you've had to go through such sh*tty doctors. As much as I respect those that are in the medical field, there are some real idiots working in it!

    Good to know that your original doctor was able to take you on as a patient again! Wish you the best of luck throughout your pregnancy!
  9. That's terrible. Some OB/GYN's should get out of the specialty. I had my own nightmare story with a dr. who treated women badly; finally found a great doctor.

    Best wishes to you!!
  10. Good that you went back to our old doctor..stess in not good for a high risk pregnancy...

    Obgyns are getting out of the business because malpractice insurance is so high...near me they are actually closing maternity wards...shame...the doctors become insensitive, are overworked, and insurance will only reimburse so much...they would rather not have a person as a patient then deal with all the monetary risks involved in taking new ones on...

    so if you have a good obgyn...stay with them...
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Glad to hear your old doctor is available. I think it's really important to see someone who makes you feel comfortable - espeially when pregnant since being stressed can have such a negative affect on a pregnancy.

    There are some boards on Babycenter.com that deal specifically with cervical issues, clerages, etc. if you feel you need additional support on the topic.
  12. It's good that you are going back to your old Dr. I was trying to find one closer to where I live, but no one would see me for at least 3 weeks. I was already 12 weeks along and had just lost my brother so I was extremly worried about the effects the stress might have, but they could have cared less, So I called my old Dr. also where I had my other 2 childern. They wanted me there that day!! Despite the fact that they are an hour away I will stick with them because with everything that has gone on latley , it's not worth the added stress of having a Dr. that doesn't care. At least I know I am getting the best care.
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about this. We're expecting too and I know how angry you must feel.
  14. ((((((LVmom))))) How horrible! High-risk or no high-risk it is beside the point. :censor:
  15. All is well now everyone. My old doctor immediately scheduled a cerclage for me on Saturday, which is somewhat routine for my condition, and he and his wife(she is his nurse) both agree our little boy is healthy and worth fighting for. I have the best odds I can have now, which is all I wanted to begin with. Yay for us!