I am so totally married!

  1. Hello everyone,

    As some of you knew, I got married on Saturday. I thought I should share a few pictures with my fellow TPFers!

    These were taken by friends with their digital cameras. I literally had photos of the wedding the next day, which is fun.

    My husband and I (in the wind!):

    My maid of honor Amelia carried my Chanel Jumbo for me:

    Our humorous wedding cake topper:

    I wanted to thank everyone on tpf with all of the help and advice you have given me on what to do and not do for my wedding! It was the best day of my life. Thanks girls! :flowers:
  2. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing pictures!
  3. What a beautiful setting. Congratulations and best wishes.
  4. Yeah!!! Congratulations on your wedding and good luck on all that the future has for the two of you! Love the cake topper BTW!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  5. congrats!! love the cake topper! :heart::smile:
  6. Awww...congrats hun!!!!! Best wishes to the both of you! Love your dress! And your bag!!! I pity your poor Maid of Honor who just haaad to carry it for you (what a lucky girl!!!) You should have hired me to do that!!! Lol!
  7. Congratulations! :flowers:
  8. You guys look sooo happy. Congratulations!

    You're gorgeous in your dress. So chic!!!
  9. Congratulations! :wlae:
  10. Congratulations!
  11. congratulations and best wishes!!!
  12. :yahoo:Best wishes for a healthy and happy life together:yahoo:
  13. Congratulations! You look beautiful. :smile:
  14. Congratulations. You are a gorgeous looking bride! And you look so relaxed!
  15. You make a very nice couple....and the cake looks delish!