I am so torn

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  1. i can not decide for the life of me as to which bag i should get.

    1)the medium black sig ergo hobo- this bag is beautiful, practical, comfortable...BUT i already have a black bag that i love (non-Coach), so i am having a hard time justifying buying the ergo...

    2)the signature stripe denim tote- again, this bag is so beautiful but because it is so wide open, i am worried about safety. But i am a sucker for that denim style and the legacy lining! I'm also worried about it falling off of my shoulder, which the bf says won't be a problem once i put my stuff in it.

    3)the ergo black sig crossbody- this bag would be wonderful for trips. But i wouldn't use it as often as the other two.

    oooh woe is me :sad:

    What should i do?

    Also, how many times a week do you go to your local Coach store? I always feel like the SA's look at me like i'm in there every weekend (which i'm not. I really only go in like 1-2 a month).

  2. Well, based on what you've said it sounds like you already have the 'black bag category' covered. If you want a bag you will use a LOT and that you want to be able to put a lot IN...go for the Denim Tote.
    However, if you are really concerned about the openness of the tote...what about the denim Satchel?
  3. I say get your two favorites, since you can get them on sale. Then you can always return one later, if you decide you don't really care for it.
  4. I agree with cdpug^^. Or, as Purse-O-Nality said, you could look into getting the satchel. (If you like that style).
  5. thanks, ladies. I think i'm probably going to go with the denim tote, because i love it oh so much. Maybe next month i'll spring for the ergo!
  6. Yes, you can attach a wristlet to the handles and have it hang on the inside of the bag, that way it can't fall out and nobody can reach in and take it. It is such a cute bag and any accessories, charms, scarves etc will go great with it, it is like jeans !
  7. i'd say get the ergo and the denim, keep the tags on and then after you ponder it for a few days, return the one you don't love as much =)
  8. I vote for the denim tote! It's a great bag that you can use all the time, and it's different from other ones you have, so there's my vote!