I am so tired.........from Ernesto

  1. got up at 5:45, shower, dress and out the door for gas......filled up tank at 6:15 a.m., from there to home depot to get batteries, hardware for the shutters, etc., 7:30 out of home depot, going around horrible traffic, reach publix, our mainstay grocery store, to get can goods, water, etc., etc., cannot check out till almost 10:30, lines are soooooooooooooooooo long.........and shelves are already at that time half bear.....................rush home, put everything away, rush to farm store for ice..........have to skip around the gas stations with blocks and blocks of cars lined up and the cops directing traffic........get ice, heavy, heavy ice.......bring it home........go pick up grandkids, schools let out early......take them for ice cream.......home, wait for handyman, from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., cook for grandkids, bring hurricane shutters down for handyman, help with hardware, etc., so he can put up all shutters, take out battery operated little3 tvs, radios, lights, etc...........get grandbabies to bed............hubby come homes, make two great cosmos.............eat salads and fruits..........watch lates advisory..............Ernesto has thankfully desintraged, has become nothing more than a tropical storm.........thank god, several thousand dollars later, and exhausted..........we are elated.........but Ernesto has been a real pain in the a..............good nite!!!!
  2. Wow...I am exhausted just from reading all that you did!!!!
  3. ^^me too! Be careful down there in Florida.
  4. which part of Fl are you from? i am in tampa and haven't prepared for anything at all yet! ;/ the msot i have done is jut plan to get out of here by wednesday if its really coming this way. :sad:
  5. :wtf: Oh...it's heading RIGHT FOR ME! I am SO tired of these hurricane things...I mean, this is insane! My friend lives in the Keys and he has sent me over 20 emails saying "GET OUT WITH YOUR LIVES!!!!"

    K~:wtf: :nuts:
  6. I feel so bad for all you ladies in that part of the country!! This has got to be so incredibly stressful. I wish I could do something to make it all better! If it's any consolation, we're overdue for a big earthquake here AND live in the shadow of a dormant volano :wtf:
  7. Oh my. I used to live in FL up until about 2 months ago... I know EXACTLY what you went through. One thing I definately won't miss is hurricane season. Good luck!!!
  8. Well I am probably one of the craziest people ever.. I'm at the airport getting ready to take off to go to Florida... right by you thomk. And while it is great the storm downgraded, my family is really worried about our house. We are undergoing a HUGE renovation, so the roof is off in many places and the doors aren't in. My mom said when it rains even a little, it pours in the house... so our house may flood from all the water :sad: My dad is usually pretty calm, but right now he is pretty worried. Ughh... I am actually happy to get home to help them out, but hurricanes really scare me (baddddd childhood experiences)

    Sunshine... you ok out there??? I know you are in the keys. Any other FLA ladies out there- hope you all are doing ok getting ready.
  9. Geez... I'm not surprised you're so tired.
    Hope all goes OK for everyone. I've all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys :flowers:
  10. I hope he turns around and goes back where he came from!
  11. I'm from Miami Dade! This hurricane is not a big deal, it is actually a tropical storm right now. It's just going to be a big rain shower, whenever there is a hurricane here all my neighbors go outside and we stand around when the eye passes over us, LoL.

    Ernesto can suck it! It's a whimpy little storm, you wanna talk bad storms? Andrew was the big one!!
  12. Stay safe all you in FL! Do check in every now and then.
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I was so glad when I heard work was canceled today and tomorrow. I got up this morning, went to the gym, and now I'm relaxing before my pedicure appointment later. Yesterday I got gas (waited 20 minutes :rolleyes: ), the hurricane shutters are up on almost every window of the house, we have plenty of non-perishable food, and my parents and bf's parents have generators, just in case :smile: Most Floridians know the drill - stay safe everyone, and don't forget to stock up on alcohol! :nuts:
  14. Andrew was an is still a nightmare to me...

    I just got home... now I have to help my family get ready
  15. We all remember Andrew clearly.............no electric, no water (we are on wells), for 41 days..........National Guard at the front of our Street, 5 hours in line for Ice, 82 pines, approximately 60 ft tall fallen on our front yard making it impossible to come in or leave............mosquitos, frogs, lizards, beatles and a lot of other fauna living happily in our house, taking showers with a neighbors hose who had a generator, outside in the dark, days and days and days with no phone, no way of going anywhere, bed at 7 up at 4:30- cleaning an acre and a half of knee high fallen debris, a pool with someone's pots, plants, half of our screen and much more in it............but we did it and we did not lose our lives and our houses got rebuilt, and we learned a lot about survival and to be self sufficient in every way we could..........so, you are right
    Ernestico is a complete wimp, but, so was Katrina, a wimpy category one, and then it became the mouse that roared!!!