I am so tempted...the Amarante Roxbury Drive is in my eluxury shopping cart...

  1. What do I do? Do I check out?
  2. yes yes yes yes!!!! :biggrin:
  3. oooh get it while you have the chance! they might sell out fast and you might have to wait months for the next chance.
  4. Oh my yes.
  5. Yes, check out!
  6. Go for it!!!!!!!! I have it in pomme and it is so stylish....get it!!
  7. I dont see it on the site, show me show me.... please!!!!! Oh and YES get it.
  8. i originally wanted this bag in this color but opted for the sunset blvd instead.
  9. I love that Sunset Blvd...but I am so in love with my Noisette Roxbury I have to have another! I promise to post pics! Please post pics of your Sunset when she is available and you get her!:graucho:
  10. Wow, GO FOR IT!!!!
  11. Yes...do it now!!
  12. Did you get it? there aren't any left I hope you did!
  13. oh, i'll def post pics but unfortunately i probably won't be able to go up and get her until the end of the month. plus i need to wait a little so that i have some more funds to get an amarante key holder too :biggrin: so someone will beat me to the sunset pics!! :girlsigh:
  14. Yes, I got her! Yippee!
  15. must've been the last one! they're gone ;)