I am so stuck please help

  1. I am so stuck between a spearmint venetia and a spearmint suzannah. The suzannah has a flat strap and pockets on the end much the shape of a large multi pocket with silver tone hardware...
    In venetia i already have a few so i dont really need the style. I think i've decided and then two minutes later i change my mind...help I am sooo stuck. thanks maggie:yahoo:
  2. If you already have the venetia, why not try the Susannah? I like that style a lot too. And if it has a flat strap, it should be comfortable to wear. :flowers:
  3. I'd go with the Susannah--especially if it's a shoulder strap bag...
  4. Love my Susannah - go with something diefferent is you already have Venetia.
  5. Just got my Susannah last week and I love it!! I bet it will be beautiful in Spearmint. Go for it!!:yes:
  6. Maggie,

    In terms of style, Venetia is my favorite from Soft Calf line. It's such a sophiscated bag, I love it! =)

    Do you really like Susannah? If yes, go for it. Otherwise, I would get another Venetia.
  7. Thank you sooo much..I was having such a hard time..Your input really has helped. maggie