I am so spent. And a little sad.

  1. There have been so many sad stories in TPF lately. I admittedly get so wrapped up in whats going on with other people and just want everyones lives to be peaceful - its really gotten to me lately and I should not let it get me down. But seriously, I have been trying to stay out of some of the bag threads cause I'm saving my dough for Kauai right now and the only other threads that catch my eye are when someone needs help and is reaching out. I feel very blessed that while my life is far from perfect, I am not going through some of the sadness others are going through so I feel compelled to help. I hope no one thinks that because I'm such a big mouth in some threads and not so much in others means I don't care about the ones I don't comment in. I just get overwhelmed. I'm not a therapist but I have gone through enough crap in my life that I can at least share my experiences and what I've learned with others in hopes that I didn't have to go through such things for nothing. I always wished someone had been there for me in those days and just like to be there for others now.
    But I'm gonna need to recharge cause I think I am beginnging to take things too personally. I'm actually on my way to Bible study right now so just know that each and everyone in here that needs it will be in my prayers as I meditate tonight. There are so many wonderful guys and gals in here - I've just come to really love this little community.
    Talk to you when I get back! Have a great evening guys!
  2. Awww shoo.....*HUGS* I have been one of those downers lately with some of my problems...and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and advice!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. No No NO! you and no one else is a downer please don't think that! (I'm putting on my makeup while typing this....how ambidextrous am I??) thats not why I posted this. I just want everyone to know I'll be thinking about ya.....
  4. I'm sorry that you're feeling spent. I just want to say that you are a treasure and you make tPF a very special place. Thank you.:flowers:

    (Even though you owe me 3 keyboards because of the coffee that I've snorted through my nose at some of your comments).;)
  5. I'm the same way, that's why i gotta stay out of the thread that sound like they'll be sad... i feel like there isn't anything I can say that will it all better! But i guess sometimes just knowing that the person experiencing trouble is in our thoughts is enough.

    *hugs* It's not a flaw to be empathetic!
  6. bags, anyone who has paid even the slightest bit attention to your posts KNOWS you're a doll. You have an amazing sense of humor and we love it, but you always show your hert as well.

    We know you love us:yes:

    I hope I didn't blow your cover! :p
  7. Hi sweetie - in a community this size, there is always someone that is going to be going through a hard time. And naturally we care since we feel a connection through the forum. But I think it's just like the news, sometimes I have to not watch because of all the sad, crazy stuff happening in the world. Taking it all in at once is just too much! You need to temper the sadness with some love and happiness and friendship, (and shallow obsessing), or you will just fall into a pit of despair! Cheer up - nice sh!t happens too!
  8. yeah I know. I think the one about someone hitting a dog just sent me over the edge! I was bawling!
    anyway, thanks you guys now I really am going.....TTYL!
  9. we love ya girl.....dont take it all personally!!!we appreciate u and the wise advise u always give...U always make me smile!!!!
    EVEN when my life is a mess..I can look forward to your fun posts!!!!
  10. You are such a sweetheart. Hope tonight helps you recharge your batteries! :heart:
  11. We all appreciate your wise contributions. Take a break from the threads that you know are going to take more than you can give right now. That's simply taking good care of yourself. We all need to recognize those times. Then we can come back, "recharged", as you say.
  12. Hey BagShoo.... your support, fun posts, advice and all are great and I really appreciate it! Like you said, it's really helpful to get advice and perspective from others... people who have seen life more and know what it's like when things are really all wrong and who are willing to be there for you... you have no idea how much of a comfort it is. not that many ppl are willing to be there for someone when they are going through crap because admitedly it's not fun to hear someone complain and cry....

    you know i've been going through alot for awhile now and this is really the only place and the only people i can turn to. and a handful of TPFers here have shared their stories, checked in on me, listened to me and given me advice and it's been a huge huge comfort. it doesn't change the crap that i'm going through but at least i feel like ihave somewhere to go to and I feel less trapped than i already feel.

    We love you and You should recharge if you feel you need it !! I've been staying away from bag forums too for different reasons than yours but i hope the kauai account piles up real fast!!
  13. hey.. i totally understand but i like reading your posts. they are inspiring. along with a few others. hehe..
    recharge and bring the fire girl!!lol
  14. Shoo, Thank you for giving your heart and soul to this forum! We truly appreciate your candid advice and insights that make us reflect, laugh and smile. Take good care and know that we are here for you, too. *HUG*
  15. Hey babe! I know what you mean, I read that one too and have resolved to never read those threads again. They stay with me for a long time and I can't shake the bad feeling. Now, I know you said in your original post that you are not a psychologist, but I am, and I can say that your advice or suggestions to others have been spot on, well thought out, and come from a good place.
    So, I send you a virtual hug, good thoughts, and hopes for a better day tomorrow. :heart: