I am SO sorry!!!

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  1. :shame: Guys, I am so sorry!! I left the forum open at the bottom corner, and my evil cousin (she is 15..... ) started a thread :cursing:. I was gone for a sec, and she already posted a thread. It was too late too edit it, so I had to leave it there. Burberry4me and I did take pics of her modeling our bags.....I AM SO SORRY!! I am sorry if this isnt in the right place.....Pay no attention to the thread " Don't we look fabulous? ".....

    again, I AM SO SORRY!!

    I will have to talk to my cousin about this.....


    Zoe :shame:

    :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame:
  2. its totally ok...I knew it wasnt you ! hope you are ok x :smile:
  3. hey this is emily, srry bout that thread we will post them soon
  4. I'm begining to think these two id's belong to the same gal!
  5. do you have the pics???
  6. naaw, i think they are 2 different people....
    i mean, who would invent an ONLINE imaginary friend?
  7. Thanks.

    thread closed :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.