I am so sick of people buying on ebay these days...

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  1. I know its a little thing but lately everyone who buys from me wants another deal than what is in the ad. One woman recently purchased a bag from me for 250.00 (a steal). Shipping was set at 15.00. She contacted me and said that her paypal account only had 222.00 in it and that if I would accept that she could pay me now otherwise I would have to wait 3-5 days for her to transfer money. Thats 27.00 less for what she bought it for and she wants me to pay for shipping!!! I said no that I would wait.

    I agree to sell to folks in Canada but clearly state that shipping is priority and will be more so the buyer should contact me before purchasing. Somoene fom Canada purchased an item and then refused to pay priority shipping. They sent me a cheeper way they wanted the item shipped and I finally agreed but explained I don't take responsibility if the item is not received.

    Another woman didn't want to pay for insurance on a 40.00 item. I sent it and unfortunetly the item did get lost in the mail. She then got mad at me saying I should have paid the extra for tracking or delivery confirmation. I explained to her that my auction states that these services are extra and the responsibility of the buyer....

    I have bought a lot and sold a lot on eBay over the years. I won't buy anymore as there are too many dishonest sellers and after this round of stuff I don't want to sell anymore either. I can appreciate people wanting to get a deal but I am finding folks seem to want something for nothing and frequently don't want to agree to terms of auction.
  2. If you accept paypal as payment, the above in bold ARE your responsibility as the seller. If you take PP as payment and then do not send a package according to their requirements, the buyer will always get their money back if they file a claim with PP.
  3. Ditto, I am feeling really discouraged lately too.:sad:

    I had a woman complain about a really hard to find pair of jeans that I sold her. In the auction I stated that they "had been gently worn on and off for a year". There was no sign of fraying or even discoloration/fading(they were really dark denim). The only indication that they had been worn at all was some creasing around the knees and thighs(which most jeans are manufactured with now, ya know?). Anyway they were $200 jeans that she got for $45! Not to mention the fact that you can never find this size, style, and color in stock on or off line. She said if she had known they had been worn at all she wouldn't have bid so much. . .hello. . .read the description. She was really rude. I wrote her back apologizing for something that wasn't my fault and offerd her a refund. She never wrote back, but left me a super chilly positive feedback. Oh well I guess it was positive at least.

    After the last couple of weeks I'm feeling like hanging up my eBay hat:sad:. . .just as soon as I find my MJ stam:lol:
  4. Completely agree with the traffic on Ebay lately...Seems the Champagne taste crowd with the Beer budget is getting nastier lately. Want the best, but dont' want to pay for it. I'm thinking I need to be running FREE ads lately...I'm discouraged also...
  5. I know what you mean. I recently sold a purse to someone overseas and they extorted me for free shipping. I sent it beacuse the process of reclaiming fees and relisting were not something I was up to doing right now. I am still so upset, I will not be leaving any feedback even though she paid rather quickly. Yuck.
  6. I'm currently in the last round or items that I will be selling on ebay for the same reasons here. I don't know what it is, but every buyer is a nutcase these days and I don't remember it being this bad before.
  7. I sell in two very different ebay markets - most of my personal items are fashion-related, usually purses, and I also assist my dad with his antique business. What I've found since starting to market my dad's items is that the crowd who buys collectible antiques is much nicer and much more sane than the purse crowd. I think that the ebay fraud with designer items has gotten so much press that either most people are totally paranoid about being ripped off or trying to pull scams themselves. It's just brought in a different kind of clientele. Even high priced antique buyers aren't as pushy and paranoid as some of the people I've dealt with in fashion. Not a universal, of course, I love pfers and have met some wonderful ebay buyers in fashion, it's just something I've noticed.
  8. lol~ I just got an offer with a comment stating something to the effect "well- your purse isn't even selling at the BIN price- just accept my offer, some money is better than none right?"

    OMFG- the nerve!!! Yah the idea is to sell but not HAND OVER the bag for PENNIES on the dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    these people on ebay are NUTS!!!!!!!!
  9. Yep it's happened to me too! One lady bid on one of my items and won and then made an offer on another (with her second user ID ?) i accepted the offer , sent an invoice and had combined postage as she had purchased 2 items and when the cheque arrived she had decided to take a little more off the total to make the cheque an even amount and told me what she had done :tdown: I let it lie and sent the items to her continuing to be polite in ALL messages and doing my usual follow up to ensure the buyer is 100% happy (this is if i haven't already been given feedback) and nearly a week later she hasn't responded , left feedback ... nothing :shrugs:
    Another person keeps sending me message on an item which is listed around the $3000 mark asking me to sell to him and he will pay Western Union i have said no (Paypal only) so he keeps offering more and more money :wtf: he started off at $2500 then $2600 now he has begged me to sell to him and will pay full price.!!
    Ebay must be becoming a therapy site for crazy people.
  10. Yeah I agree.
    I even get people complaining about the perfectly acceptable prices my items start at (awhile back, $9 for a pair of cute shoes from Charlotte Russe that I only wore once). Apparently the buyer thought it was too much for a pair of used shoes that weren't leather. :rolleyes:

    I do have a couple of auctions that are doing quite well but out of 12 auctions only 2 have bidders. Lots of watchers though that isn't any consolation since my watchers rarely ever bid.

  11. You are so right about that last comment. I have been getting crazy messages too. I've been getting a harrassing message from a buyer practically stalking a pair of shoes I have listed but refuses to bid or BIN because she wants them for retail. I keep trying to tell her that if she wants them for retail, then she should go to the store and buy them...for some reason, she doesn't get it.
  12. I just wanted to comment on this......some sellers are under the impression it is the buyers responsibility to purchase insurance. However, this is incorrect per ebay policy. A seller is responsible for shipping an item and responsible if it is lost, or damaged.

    If your buyer had opened a claim, they would win as it is the sellers responsibility as the seller is shipping the item.

    In ebay listings, ALL sellers should state insurance is required and add it to the cost of shipping. This is the way to do it and be protected all the way around.
  13. I am purely a buyer (not seller) on ebay and I have opposite problem. I find it impossible to get ebayers to post to me (aus) and I am willing to pay any amount to have insurance.... I once asked a ebayer if they would send to me in aus... i offered $1000 for the bag with postage + insurancen on top of that. They said no (which is fair enough) and the bag sold for $700.... it's annoying for me because all the ebay auctions in aus are 95% fake - so i only go to the US site.
  14. buyers punching in a lower buy it now price even $1 off is dodgy and out right rude.... i don't understand that at all....
  15. I'm finding the experience very different -- wildly different -- for the two items I'm selling. I don't sell much but have listed two bags recently. I got a ton of questions: low offers, will you ship to places clearly stated that I won't ship to on the Balenciaga, will you send immediately via x method, etc. No bidders till the very end. Overall, a fairly negative experience (and I'm still waiting for the winner's echeck to clear). The Bottega Veneta has gotten no questions at all and has had two bidders since the second day. So far it's been completely no fuss, but that could all change before the end of the auction.:rolleyes:

    It's very interesting to me, since I buy all the time, and I almost never send messages to sellers. Definitely not to try to negotiate a price. I always figure it's listed for the lowest they're interested in and if they wanted offers it would have the best offer feature!