I am so SICK of LV (sorry, long rant)

  1. About one month ago I went into the Sydney LV boutique to enquire about the Heart Purse and the sales assistant who served me there informed me that I would have to put my name down on a list since they wouldn't be receiving any until 'around Valentine's Day'. As she was adding my name, she cheerfully observed that since there were only a few other people who had put their names down, it was highly likely I would receive mine and she advised me that as soon as they called me, I should pick it up asap since they couldn't hold it for long. I was expecting their call over the weekend since I knew from reading other people's posts that there was a VIP event unveiling all the Valentine's day items on Saturday night (I actually did not receive an invite myself as I haven't purchased any items in Australia for quite some time). But the weekend came and went with no phone call and so since i was in the city yesterday, I dropped in to enquire about it. When I asked about the item, the unbelievably rude sales assistant just pointed at the MC on display but when I told him that I had actually put my name down for the Pomme D'Amour, he said to me 'We had a VIP event so it's all sold out'. I can't believe it! What exactly is the point of putting your name down on a list then??? I may not be one of their VIP but I am still a paying customer but it seems that that means absolutley nothing to them.
  2. So sorry that happened to you! Any chance of getting one after all?
  3. Oh I'm sorry about it... That SA totally rude..! Thought, he think he's better by working at LV so he can treat customer that bad??
  4. OOh no.. so sorry to hear that.
  5. Yes. I learnt the hard way too. I was on the list for a Pomme D'Amour Heart Purse but on the V Day preview on Sat, my SA said they nothing could be reserved, even if you were waitlisted, so i missed out as they were all gone by the time i got there for the event. I think it was a money grabbing exercise on Sat!!

    However, i did beat 20 odd people (who are on the waitlist) and scored an Azur Speedy 30 on Sat !!!

    PS: Sydney will be getting another batch of the Heart purses, but i just don;t know when
  6. After I asked him they were going to receive any more he told me he was 'Unsure' and that 'If your name is on the system, we will contact you'. And what made me even angrier was that he seemed to be looking down at me! I walked out of there nearly in tears, felt so degraded.
  7. That's bad service and sorry you didn't get one.:sad: My SA did call me and I picked it up Sat. afternoon. I want the pink one as well but it's all sold out. I'm now on the waiting list for the pink one, the only heart available now are the MC ones......
  8. oh i am sorry to hear this...but didn't the coeur arrive like late Jan/early Feb? why the SA didn't call yuo on the first shipment?

    kasumi168 ~ glad you get to score Azur Speedy!
  9. :cursing: That's unacceptable, who served you? As kasumi said they'll receive another shipment:yes:
  10. Thanks Classic Chic.. My mum has it at the moment :smile:

    I'm sorry that the SA treated you so badly CSCKOE... Did you manage to get the name of the rude SA?? The SA (he is my backup SA when my super nice one isn't there) told me today that they will be getting another batch, so if you love the purse, they will call you, although i did manage to look at the system when he was checking how long the list is, and it was around 3-4 screens long!!
  11. I just don't understand all this bad service. I mean, we are paying ridiculous amounts of money for these so-called luxury items - is it too much to ask for a little friendliness when you're being served? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't their role customer service? If they hate serving customers so much, there are plenty of other jobs out there.
  12. No, I didn't get his name, I just wanted to get outta there as quickly as possible. He had a French accent though and looks very smug.
  13. sorry to hear that...
  14. Ugh, I'm sorry! I'm glad you got your Speedy but they could have at least told you that it would be longer than expected for the Coeur instead of saying they had a VIP event and that they're gone. Or even if they didn't do that, the SA could have offered to take your card info down said they'd be sure to let you know when another shipment comes in.
  15. Thanks for the info bout the other shipment guys, but that experience has really turned me off shopping there ever again. I just hate walking into all of these stores now, even if I end up buying something it turns out to be a really unpleasant experience. They really received the first shipment late jan/early feb kasumi?? Argh, I was so happy putting my name down on the list, I though it was a done deal. I guess it just goes to show it's all about who you know.