I am so sick of Bloomingdales

  1. I have placed order after order, and always get an email telling me they cant send the item weeks later. The website is not update, and the "sale" items they have are almost not worth getting because of the restrictions. I am D-O-N-E! Bloomingdales is to big of a company to do business this way.:cursing:
  2. I sent them an email about this whole ordeal...they actually sent me back another automated email saying that they canceled my order. I sent another back and finally got a rude "oops." responce. The customer service is so disapointing.
  3. The first (and only) time I've ordered from them, they sent me the wrong bag (it was similar but a different shape and the one they sent me was cheaper than the one I ordered). I called customer service and the woman was just really confusing and I couldn't understand what she wanted me to do, and when I asked her to clarify she made me feel like an idiot. They were going to have UPS pick up the return package but couldn't tell me when (I'm not just going to leave the box on the porch for a week! and when they dropped off the new bag they didn't ask for the old one) and at one point I thought they weren't even going to come and get it. I was confused by my credit card charges and credits, etc... I do a lot of online shopping, so I'm not dumb when it comes to this sort of thing. I was just disappointed in the whole ordeal and I would now hesitate to deal with them again.
  4. Yea, they've canceled my order several times. When I finally did get an item it was the wrong size. Then it takes about 2 weeks for them to send out a return label for return.

    I only shop them as a last resort.
  5. I totally agree with all you ladies.
    They are the ones who make the mistake and offer no compensation or any legit reason why they run their business so poorly.
    I personally have been boycotting them, even though there have been things that I've wanted in the past. the online service pissed me off so badly, I don't even go into their retail store lol.
    Having said that, I had the same issue with Saks as well.

    They treat us like we're spending 50 cents for a pack of gum.
    no thank you, I'll take my business elsewhere!
  6. The thing that really gets me is Saks, Nordstrom, ect. all care (somewhat) about their customer. Bloomingdales offers no compensation for their constant mistakes.
    For instance, when I ordered through Saks but sent a complaint they price adjusted my item(s) and gave me 10% off my next purchase, which has completely made me forgive and forget!
  7. Ugh, join the club! After a few too many times of having my orders cancelled, wrong items shipped to me, and rude customer service (you'd think they'd be nicer since it was THEIR error) I no longer shop at Bloomies. It's just really disappointing to be treated so rudely by a "high-end" company- I'm spending big bucks at your store! I take my business to Nordstrom or Saks- where I've never had a problem.
  8. Wow, I've had stuff cancel, but I haven't experienced rudeness. In fact they've just enhanced their online return policy and it it FAST!!!
  9. i don't think i will ever shop @ their online store anymore.. they canceled part of my order and acted like i'm the one who return the item.. so then i called the customer service, waited for about 20 frickin minutes and they said that the item is out of stock.. :tdown:

    their actual store is better though.. shop there often.. the SAs are pretty nice to me.. and i always find good deals in-store..
  10. I think their online store is somewhat separate from their actual brick and mortar stores. I called yesterday to the online customer service to ask if there were any mouse flats available in the actual stores that were on sale and the woman told me she couldnt see the stores inventory stock and that I would just have to call around. When I did call around the sales associate I spoke to said that their online store is separate and they dont price match to their online store but they will price match to nordstroms and saks. Kind of makes no sense at all. I have also had trouble with their online shopping. I will put things in my cart and then it wont let me proceed to the end where I can submit my order. It gets stuck somewhere in the middle of the process.
  11. I totally agree about the online store. My suggestion is to order from b&m stores - they will actually find the item you want (if they have it) and ship it to you. That way you know you'll get it for sure and it won't suddenly be "out of stock." Also, I find the sales to be better than online - I got 50% plus additional 15% off a coat that was only 40% off online. Just my suggestion!
  12. We don't have a Bloomingdales in San Antonio. But we don't have an online Bloomingdales in San Antonio, either, because their sales stock is non-existent if you try to order it!
  13. Unfortunately I have to concur with many of the enraged sentiments expressed by the other ladies here in regards to Bloomingdale's online store -- they are just terrible. I've had discounts that did not apply to the SAME items only in different colors and when I contacted CS about it they were rude, apathetic, and proclaimed that certain items are excluded even though I told them it was the same item (style, size) only in a different color. Then they list that things will ship in a month and then two weeks later it will cancel my order because oh wait, never mind, the item isn't even in stock! They really need to improve their online shopping/service. I don't have a b&m store nearby so alas I can't shop there instead, I can only deal with their *CRAP* online store.
  14. Bloomingdales.com=the WORST online retailer!!I put them in my spam about a year ago, after trying to buy some things online. Finally, I bought a wool coat in a petite size, and they sent a regular. So I return it to the store, and I'm told, "this will take up to 90 days to show up as credit on your charge card". I'm like, WTF? When I return anything else, it's instant. Sure enough, the credit took about six-seven weeks to appear. UGH! No more bloomingdales.com for me!!
  15. I so agree! I have to say - I have had 2 items of a 4 item order cancelled and WEEKS after I placed the order - how did they not know they didn't have that stuff? I haven't experienced any rude customer service, but I love that email - "the bad news is we cancelled your item, the good news is we didn't charge you for it" OH REALLY? WHAT GREAT NEWS!! YOU DIDN'T CHARGE ME FOR AN ITEM THAT YOU NEVER HAD TO SEND TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE! Thanks Bloomies.