i am so shocked

  1. i took my brand new embossed leather satchel which i bought at the last pce out today and decided to wear with a brown outfit. i was shocked to see that the leather at one side of the bag is crimpled. i dont know why it happened.i really baby my bags and since it was brand new purchase it was still in the box it came in.do u think it will get softer with time and use and the wrinkles will go away or do u think i should exchange?
  2. I personally would exchange. You don't know that it's going to unwrinkle and imho, it's better to exchange it while the bag is still available.
  3. I would exchange. It would really bug me.
  4. I agree, if you haven't even had it out, I would exchange it. :yes:
  5. Definitely exchange it while you can still get a replacement!
  6. exchange it while you can, I don't think the wrinkles will go away with time.
  7. I returned a brown flap satchel and a parchment flap satchel, and purchased the medium carryall at the outlet. I probably looked at 18-19 of them before I selected one. What I noticed on these bags is that there were widely varying grains on the leather, and on the brown ones, some of the panels didn't match in color. I love this bag, but it just didn't seem that the appropriate amount of care went into making them. I would return it and try to get one that you're happy with.
  8. I would totally exchange it.
  9. I agree, exchange it. That would continue to bother me!
  10. yeah, definitely exchange it. That's so annoying :sad: I think i've seen a bag or two like that but with regular leather... for embossed leather to be crinkled, that's like a defect, right? Or maybe from shipment to the store?
    Do you think you could put a pic up? i would appreciate seeing what the leather looks like so in the future i dont end up buying a bag & not realizing it's like that. Put pics up of the new one too ;) That's suuuch a cute bag!
  11. I would exchange it because like the others said you dont know if it would come out.
  12. I would exchange it, good luck, I hope you get a good one!
  13. I would be shocked too. Go a head and exchange it. I hope it works out for you. :flowers:
  14. I would exchange it, for the price of any of these bags, they should be perfect
  15. ITA:yes: