I am so screwed!! in a good way

  1. Help!! I just told my DH this AM that I was "over" the whole haute couture bag thing, that Coach and ( I confess it) Betsey Johnson are good enough for me, no more Fendis or Chloes and forget about Chanel, that quilted leather is for old ladies....then, just a few minutes ago, FedEx brought me my very first LV!!!! It is a monogram Batignolles and it is breathtaking. I MUST HAVE MORE LV!!!! Any advice?? I don't mind gently used because I like the way the leather ages (my Batignolles is new) so any heads-up about reputable online consignment shops or "second-hand" shops would be gratefully appreciated.:heart: :biggrin:
  2. Congrats on your first LV, and a Batignolles no less; great choice. Vuitton is more addicting than potato chips, you can't just have one once you've tasted the 1st.
  3. Congrats on your first LV! Watch out; you might get addicted!

    let-trade.com - also a great seller, lots of the ladies in the LV forum have bought from him
  4. I believe as women we reserve the right to change our minds!! I have also told my husband this same thing.....I do buy my bags second-hand...and can tell you that let-trade is a wonderful place to purchase!
  5. Cute story!:lol:

    jillsconsignment.com is always a good place to check. Also, annsfabulousfinds.com and thesnob.net.
  6. Congrats! The Batignolles is a great bag...I love my BV :smile: