I am so scared...........

  1. Our cat has a large fleshy lump right above his right shoulder blade and he's lost alot of weight.
    We noticed the lump a couple of weeks ago and have been monitoring him. His last vacine was about a year ago. He's still very active and playful, and he's still eating.
    I was searching the web for information on cat's and lumps, and I got really scared after reading about the possibility of our cat having cancer. I stopped crying long enough to make him an appointment for Saturday with his vet.
    Does a lump and loss of weight usually mean cancer? Please tell me it doesn't.
  2. My dog has a huge lump behind his ear and we took him to the vet to check it out. It was just a large wart. Don't worry im sure your kitty will be fine. Let us know what happens.

    ((Hugs to you and your kitty))
  3. It could be so many things, including a benign cyst that can be removed. The best thing is just to wait till the vet can examine your cat.

    Best wishes.
  4. My grandmother's cat developed what appeared to be a large lump (:sad:) on it's side and we started to think it was cancer. But then one day when I went outside I found the cat lying on it's side in a flower bed and meowing - there was a small hole on his side. I freaked out because I thought that maybe something had ate a hole into his side (the area around it was hairless) but then my grandmother realized that it was just an infection that had burst and pus was oozing out of it (ewww). She cleaned him up and after that the lump on his side was gone. So it could possibly be that!
  5. Fatty tumors aren't that unusual, but the thing that can be of concern is him losing weight. Has he been losing weight dramatically over a short period? I'd probably take him to the vet as early as you can. Do you know if his vaccination was in the area of the lump?
  6. It could be an absess that needs to be drained. They cause alot of pain and depending on how big it is could require minor surgery.

    I hope thats all it is! Good luck hon!:heart:
  7. Yes, he appears to have lost alot of weight within the last two weeks.
    If I remember correctly the lump is where he got his shot last year....somewhere in that area.
    His appointment is Saturday morning and I'm hoping and praying that it is just a cyst, abssess, fatty turmor, or even a pus infection.
    It's just that my surfing the net for info really freaked me out because all my hits resulted in cat leukemia.
  8. it could be so many things other than cancer -- an infection can suppress the appetite and cause dramatic weight loss. so try not to worry yourself crazy. i know -- easier said than done -- but two weeks is a pretty short time for cancer to come on so noticeably.

    hugs and prayers headed your way. :yes:

    ETA: i forgot to say that i believe leukemia is a blood cancer -- i wouldn't think it would create lumps.
  9. OMGosh.
    Major typo above!:nuts:
    I meant to type pus infection, NOT the other.
  10. I really could be anything. As dogs and cats get older sometimes they develop benign growths. Don't jump to conclusions and hang in there, hon.
  11. I hope it will be a minor incident.
  12. I've actually heard of someone else's cat getting a lump where they get their shots, so it might just be that.

    Hopefully the vet will be able to put your mind at ease this weekend. I hope your kitty feels better!
  13. There is often a lump left after an injection maybe something that didn't clear up or a fatty cyst but with the weight loss better to see your vet! let us know
  14. Don't assume things...take the cat to get checked out. Hope it's nothing! Keep us posted.
  15. I always assume the worse case scenario.:sad:
    His appointment is early tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for all your well wishes and hopefully good new will come tomorrow to ease our family's mind.