I am so scared to ask this but here goes...

  1. I know NOTHING about Balenciaga so please bear with me :blush:

    I had a look at most of the threads ( and then got a headache because there is so much to learn) and im looking for a brown one in a medium size bag. I dont know what the formal name is and what the formal colour is.

    Also, is there a websit that sells Balenciaga and ships internationally? The one place in Australia is way way overpriced ( they are selling Botkier's for 1000Aus - ie 900USD) and would rather get in online

    Again, I am deeply sorry if this has been asked. I know i have alot to learn.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Hi! The main place to buy bags from past seasons is eBay. New bags can be bought at some US stores like Barney's and Neiman Marcus, and of course Balenciaga in NY. I will put up two links that should help you. One is a website that is the encyclopedia of Balenciaga and you can look at styles and color swatches, and tips on how to spot fakes. The other is a thread here that shows where to buy Bal bags around the globe. Check out both, as I am sure they will help you a lot! Good luck in your search!
  3. also try aloha rag, they ship internationally for free (over $500)! diabro.net has some past season's colors and their prices vary -- some of their bags are cheaper than the standard prices, some more expensive. aloharag is more consistent(ie, the first usually retails for 995 but costs over 1000 on diabro). if you're looking for giant hardware, luisaviaroma is the way to go. largest selection and slightly better prices because of conversion + no tax, in my opinion...but there is customs charges though! they have free shipping till june 1.

    if you're looking for a medium size, check out the city. there are a few threads on this forum showing PFers carrying cities and you can see whether or not it would fit you.. and there are quite a few browns that you can find in stores still and a few more coming out this fall so you might want to wait on that.. but as deana said, the best place to find old colors is eBay!

    there's nothing like trying out the size and seeing the colors in person so if you can, you should go to the store and try out the bag and ask the SA what it's called and what season it is and find it online!
  4. oohhh this one is lovely. I like it. its the perfect size and colour.
  5. does anyone know the name of the bag Christina A is wearing in the above pic? thanks
  6. She's wearing a Rouge Vif Purse I believe:love: I have one and absolutely LOVE it! Unfortunately, the style is discontinued and very hard to find.
    Here's a picture of mine:yes:
  7. Hey MarieG - a fellow Aussie!

    Discontinued!!?? just my luck!
  8. Its a rouge theatre purse actually - just as discontinued tho' I'm afraid.