I am so scared *long*

  1. As some of you know I had to leave my job about a month ago and with it my huge paycheck. This now leaves my family in a tight spot when it comes to bills.

    Today I learned that I MIGHT be able to get compensation from workman's comp. But it won't be much. I am not going to bank on that because it isn't for sure.

    I also have posted that I am trying to sell my collection. I won't sell on eBay because of the HUGE chunk they take, so my guy has been trying to design a webpage for me. He is majoring in computer Information Science so this has been a great project for him.

    But bills are creeping up again for May and the webpage is far from being done. I am so sick to my stomach with $1,000s of LV sitting here and no good way to get rid of them!

    So that is what I am scared about. I fear that if I put the website on right now it won't look good enough to attract web buyers. On the other hand though I think that heck, if people who sell fake LV can do it with fancy pages, why can't I do it too when I am selling authentic goods!?!?!?!

    Thank you guys for letting me vent. i am going to spend the next hour working on this thing. Hopefully My son sleeps for a long time!

  2. When things get scary they often work out even better than you expect, from my experience and I'm hoping you will find that too - really sorry about your job, know we're cheering for you and here to hold your hand . or listen . good luck with workmans comp and hopefully there will be a way to keep as many of your lovely bags as possible -- there are always great bags ahead if you need to take comfort from them for now to take care of things, all the best, we' are here for you.
  3. what about selling through a consignment store?
  4. We also have a buy and sell forum here. Even though I can't get to it yet!!!
  5. consignment stores take even more than eBay.... and i hate ppl fondling my bags especially if they don't sell....

    ethan's mommy, how long more will it take before the website is wht you want it to be? can you wait till then and sell some other small things on eBay like clothes?

    i hope your workman's comp comes through, push as hard as you can to get that. if you're thinking about workman's comp it sounds like there was an accident involved, if so what about your long term/short term disability insurance? also have you gotten unemployment checks from the govt?

    i hope you get enough of that to pay the bills till the website is up. i think even with the website up, you'll need to think of how to direct traffic. buying key words on google is one way but the LOUIS VUITTON phrase is probably quite expensive.

    good luck!!
  6. Thank you everyone! I need so much support right now and only you guys understand when I say my real friends are on this forum!

    I have been injured THREE times on this job and finally it has been too much. I have a hard time realizing that at 22 my body is so destroyed that I will never have my full abilities back. Honestly I want to sue them so badly for damages physically and emotionally! I have a 17 month old that I can't play with all the time because it hurts too much to bend over and push his bike. I don't know though if it is possible because...well I guess I just don't know if it is possible. I gave my heart and soul to the elderly that I worked with in my nursing home until the day they died. Now all I have to take away from it all is pain that won't go away in my back and my knee. I can't even take my pain meds because I could feel myself getting addicted to them. The withdrawl from them was so hard!


    I am so mad! I am only 22! Does anyone know what I can do to get financial compensation for this??? I wish though to just have the pain go away...I want to have my body back.

    Right now the only thing I can do to make money is sell my LV. I hate it SOOO much! I love those bags and have worked SO hard to get what I have. To say goodbye to my miroir bags and my heart coin purses is going to be so hard because they are IMPOSSIBLE to get. Sure I can get them later but at how much of a mark-up. I don't want to let them go!

    I'm going to stop now because I could go on forever. Thank you guys for being here. I really am sitting here crying. it just isn't fair! I am only 22! I honestly want to take that nursing home for all that it is worth. You can't believe what a sh&t-hole that place is! I am the only person there who made a point to bring happiness to those people's lives! I hate this

    OK..seriosuly, I am done now.
  7. Well, if you can link the injuries to your work, then worker's comp might pick up some of the bills. also, federal disablility
  8. I am hoping to have it up in the next couple of days. It isn't going to be what I want but hopefully people will buy because they are authentic. That is more than most sites can say!

    With the workman's comp I don't know what to do. I am going to call the lady who has been working with me and try to get as much help as possible. I really feel I deserve it. I have asked for nothing so far except for my medical bills paid. At this point though I really feel I should get SOMETHING. Because of this I can't pay my bills. I am getting to tired of the anxiety attacks I am going through by the hour as May 1'st looms.
    GRrrrrr....OK, I need to get off of the forum for now and work on the site

    Thank you again everyone. i truly love you all! :flowers:
  9. Go to a lawyer, seriously, and quickly. The lawyer will get you to a doctor to assess your injuries. Many worker's comp firms won't expect a fee up front either (even legit ones, my bf works for a worker's comp firm and that's how it works for his firm). It may take a year or two to iron out compensation, but at least go to a lawyer and find out your options. Don't sign a deal with the nursing home until you talk to a lawyer.
  10. Have you been getting any physical therapy or maybe chiropractic help for your pain? Pain management can be tricky, I hope there is some way to get relief it sounds terrible what you are suffering, you are a gem for caring for the elderly, now its time you get some care. Hopefully someone can lead you well with some legal and health direction.
  11. Have you tried selling your bags on Craig's list? No fee and you can potentially sell them fast.
  12. Ethan's Mommy, have you considered contacting the management about this? It might be a good option for you to consider.

    You also might want to look into some of the "non-profits," who although they actually work for the credit card companies, can, for some situations, be helpful in working out at least partial solutions to some aspects of living with a sudden reduction in income.

    Although obviously, until your workman's comp, etc issues are resolved, you won't really know just how much you are going to have, and that uncertainty in itself can be worse than the actual reality, when you finally find out what that reality will be.

    Selling your bags, or other high-dollar value items that you can part with, can be very helpful in the short term, but you don't need me to tell you that the two longer-term and big picture issues that will need addressing first are health care and housing.

    Even during this stressful period of waiting to see how this and that will resolve, it is not too soon to begin exploring options, educating yourself about just what those options are, in those two "mission critical" areas.

    Leave no stone unturned, from scoping out the local real estate market to non-profit organizations that might be able to hook you up with prescription programs for people with limited means, if you can manage to find workarounds for those two big bugaboos, the two H's, that will give you a huge leg up!

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  13. I am thinking of you. I am so sorry. You are so young. Do whatever you can & do the disability thing. I know in the state of Mass. (may vary from state to state) all you have to do is have Doctor look at you & then fill out the paperwork that they have in their office. Good luck. IT WILL BE OKAY!
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles I truely hope everything works out for you, your an angel.
  15. i'm 22 and hating life as well as far as bills and rent are concerned. i was going to suggest Craigslist.com as well but you never know with that place, as far as if ppl will bite on what you're selling or not.

    just remember, it's been worse than this and it's been better than this. life fluctuates (spelling? lol...) and you'll make it through, regaurdless. thats how life goes.

    WE are too young to worry like this! you will be FINE just take ONE day at a time. yes. ONE. :yes: (okay like two or three if you're feeling frisky ;) )