I am SO sad :(

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  1. I lost my MJ scarf (the green and purple cartoon cashmere one) and I am very very sad about it. It was always kind of unlucky in the way I almost lost it before. I am normally very careful with my belongings but this scarf just loves to slip away! :crybaby::cry::sad::shucks: The restaurant I was at did not find it and my ride said it wasn't in their car. Am I nuts? It was so warm and big- perfect for winter. *sigh*
  2. aw, i'm sorry you lost your mj scarf! :sad:
  3. I'm so sorry... I know what it's like to lose something you really love :sad:
  4. I feel for you. I lost one of my favorite gold earings. I got home that evening with just one earing. That was a month ago, and I'm still sad over it.

    So sorry you lost your MJ Cashmere Scarf.
  5. Awww so sorry to hear about you losing your scarf! I totally know how that feels. :cry:
  6. I'm sorry to hear you lost your scarf. :sad: :hugs:
  7. that's awful! i'm sorry to hear that. there's spring ones coming out. maybe you can replace it with one of those?
  8. spring ones!?!? tell me more ;)
  9. oh no! i'm so sorry..
  10. thank you everyone for the sympathy. the only thing about the spring ones is that i am not sure if they are as big and warm.
  11. oh no, that's terrible!! losing a favorite scarf, especially a MJ one is a tragedy. I hope you can find a replacement.

  12. does anyone know where they might still be in stock?