I am so sad! :*(

  1. Today is a bittersweet day for me. Some may find this trivial, but it's really important to me. :shame:

    I picked up my Damier Speedy 30 today. It is absolutley GORGEOUS!! When I put my money down on it last week, I had asked the SA if she had any Speedy 30's in mono that were made in France. I have wanted a mono for a long time now, but it has always just been put to the wayside. She told me she would look and when I came in today, I could find out if she did or not. Well, she didn't find one. :cry: I even went as far as calling all the LV's in my area (LA & OC), and even one in Chicago! The SA's would put me on hold, and then come back and say it was a no go on their search. :sad:

    Now I am obsessed. I am sure many of you can relate to obsessing over a bag.

    Does anyone know of any LV's by them that might have one made in France?

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

    Although please be kind, I'm sad over here. :huh:
  2. ***hugs*** i wish i could fly you to New Zealand... everytime i go into the LV store and try bags on... they've all got made in FRANCE ***hugs*** i hope you find ur 30!
  3. Awww :sad: Try to enjoy your Damier Speedy. You'll find a mono Speedy soon.
  4. Hang in there! You'll find one eventually. I'm sure there is a mono speedy 30 made in France somewhere out there looking for a good home.
  5. BJ, I just callled all the LV stores in Miami - I was told that the most popular bags such as the Speedy, the Cabas line etc. are all made in U.S. factories (in California) If he is correct, it will be difficult to find one here - but don't worry - ;)
  6. :cry: :cry: Oh nooo!! I'm so sorry, I know how much you've been thinking about that bag. They couldn't find one anywhere?! Did they say how long you would have to wait for them to bring one in? Boo on them...

    ***HUGS*** for now :flowers:
  7. The two Speedies I bought at the Louis Vuitton @ Saks in Troy, MI were both made in France. Their number is 248-614-3381. Good luck!
  8. You can check with my SA at LV in White Plains, NY. Her name is Daisy. Give her a call. (914) 289-1809 Good luck!
  9. Awww, don't worry sweetie. You'll find one soon, in the meantime enjoy your Damier Speedy.
  10. Have you try the LV stores in Vegas? I remember seeing more French made bags there but not sure of the mono speedy though.

    SCP Val said they do get shipments from France sometimes but it just depends on if they have some available at that time. Maybe ask her to keep an eye out for you if you don't need the mono speedy asap?
  11. Thank you. :smile:

    Do you happen to know if they ship to the US?
  12. I hope that you will find one soon.
  13. Thank you, I sure hope so. The thing is, I had one in my hot little hands a month or so ago....but I chose the Saleya over it because it was my birthday present and I wanted something really special.

    I could kick myself. :rant:
  14. My fingers are crossed!! :winkiss:
  15. Hong wasn't sure, but she said she would keep an eye out...and Val said she would check every few days. She put a sticky on her customer notebook to remind her to check. I could kiss both of them!:kiss: