I am so sad.

  1. I just noticed that the zipper pull on my large MP is gone.

    I've been looking around and it's still possible that it is on my desk at work. I just don't know what to do if it's gone forever.

    This is the bag I *just* got back from repair a few weeks ago. They will NOT repair it, so there's no sense in asking them.

    Does anyone know - if I send it to an MJ-recommended repair facility, will they replace the pull with an MJ pull?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Are you referring to Moda Express? are they the ones that would not fix your bag? I'm sorry you lost the pull! That's terrible... Maybe you can call Moda Express and ask them to sell you a pull for your bag?
  3. Yep, that's who. I didn't even deal with them...all communication was through MJ. I will try emailing Larissa to see if she can tell me. I'll let you know if she's nice. hehe. Thanks thithi.:heart:
  4. Awww, man. :push: What's with everything this week??? :weird: Nothing but disappointing news! Best of luck with finding a replacement…it’s just that it’s missing (slipped through the gap) right, and not that the little metal 'arm' snapped? That’s at least good news, because then you’d need the whole zipper head replaced, and that's a lot more compilcated of a repair. I'm praying for your poor MP...:cry:
  5. MJ boutiques have replacement parts like zipper pulls, call a familiar SA (you often buys bags from), he/she will be able to help you.
  6. Thank you Helena. The only person I have bought from was Stella. I will try to call her. :smile:
  7. this stinks sooo much. i hope they can fix it for you!!
  8. Shoot Dawn!!! Did you find a zipper pull yet?!?! That's just awful!! I'd be SICK!! **HUGS**
  9. I hope you get a new zipper pull soon! Good luck! :smile:
  10. Oh Dawn...I'm so sorry! I hope Stella can help you. Good luck!
  11. i'd be sad too! hope you can get one soon, keep us updated! :balloon:
  12. I'm so sorry Dawn! I hope you can find a replacement!!
  13. Im sure MJ can replace it for you..Let us know how u make out there....
  14. If you are in LA you can take it to Pasquale's shoe repair, they did a really good job for a friend of mine.
  15. I contacted the MJ rep I dealt with and explained the situation. I was simply asking where I could have the bag repaired with the MJ zipper pull and she said they will send one out for me this week. I will have to find somewhere to put it on, but that shouldn't be too hard. :smile:
    *sigh of relief*

    And btw, you guys are the BEST. Thanks for the kind words. :smile: