I am so sad I want to cry...I may not be able to carry Lily

  1. The past few years I have had some minor back problems that every so often require a trip to the Chiropracter. Last spring I started getting some horrible headaches that got so bad it felt like someone hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I ended up in the ER ang getting a MRI and they told me my head was fine but to try getting a massage...that it could be due to a pinched nerve or muscle tension. I got a few massages and was fine.

    The past few months I started experiencing horrible pains in my head again. My husband was out of town on business and I went to spend a few weeks with him and he dragged me to the Chiropracter. It took about 3 weeks and 10 or 12 adjustments and I was finally feeling great again.

    My husband keeps cautioning me not to carry a heavy bag or it could make my back worse again. I was convinced that it wasn't my bags thats were causing the problem and once I got home I started carrying my LV Damier Tote and my New Herritage Tote. As it's Christmas time I have extra shopping bags etc...

    I have only been home for 9 days and the headaches are back and today my back is a little sore. I told my husband and he was sympathetic but said "honey you know you can't do that".

    Anyway I got my new Lily today and I don't think I am going to be able to keep her :crybaby: I put all my essentials in her and picked her up and I just wanted to cry :crybaby:

    I weighed Lily and my LV Epi Speedy (I have no trouble carrying this bag) and there is about a two pound difference between the two bags. I am going to be doing a lot of walking the next two weeks...sigh...do you think the extra two lbs really matters.
    If so I will have to send her back.
  2. I have the same problem carrying heavy bags. I just can't do it and not be in pain. Thats why I carry only light bags now. It stinks that you can't carry the Lily but there are alot of nice bags now for people like us. I sold off all my beautiful heavy leather bags that I loved and bought light weight Lv and then then discovered the ergo line here. I couldn't be more thrilled. Look at it as a challenge to find bags that are pretty and don't hurt. Good luck and Happy holidays.
  3. The signature stripe totes are also ultra light but the strap on the ergo is definitely more supportive.

    Coach could definitely make more light weight fashionable bags (like the Lily).
  4. Handbaggirl-

    Are you talking about the regular lily, the medium lily, or both?

    I know how light that particular LV bag is, so you will be hard-pressed to find a Coach leather bag that light even without all the details.

    If you aren't fixed on leather, is the Carly a pretty light bag? All of the gallery totes, even leather, are pretty light.
  5. I totally understand- though I still carry my obnoxiously heavy bags (Mandy, Carly, Bleecker Shopper). I was in a car accident in June and still have bad back pain on my right side. It's worse when I run and when I carry my bags. Nothing has helped the pain get better so I kind of made my own judgement and will be a slave to bag fashion :p I just try to alternate sides when I carry them and to not pack too heavily.
    The Ergo is amazingly light weight! Maybe you can find a slightly lighter alternative and alternate with Lily!
  6. I understand exactly what you mean...I've had back problems as well and have really had to be careful about how often I carry a heavy bag. When I was at my chiropractor's office, he picked up my Ali to move it, and said, "That bag's got to go or you'll be in my office forever." I was sooo bummed.

    I don't carry her as often now, though she's my favorite bag, and since I picked up a whiskey mandy at the outlet, I'm not sure what to do. I do think you should really consider treating yourself to a gorgeous, light Coach bag and also think about what you really need to carry with you. The blinding headaches and back pain simply aren't worth it.

    Another thing to try is keeping an extra tote (a bang around tote) for all the extras you carry in your bag that you might not need with you everytime you go out. That seems to help.

    I'd also consider investing in a great crossbody bag like a coach duffle. You'd be amazed at how much better your back will feel and they look very stylish.
  7. If you love the Lily enough to keep her, try only carrying her when you're not needing to lug around other bags, etc. And don't put too much inside of her. Then add more lightweight bags into your collection, like the previous posters have noted.

    It can be a balancing act, having a bit of both, and not carrying a heavier bag everyday.

    I hope you will be comfortable with whatever decision you have to make, and give serious consideration to your health.
  8. well good luck... i gain muscle and pain but only live once....keep your bag...
  9. aww handbag*girl i am sad to hear about your situation :sad: my back started hurting me alot from certain bags also, but since i only carried them for small amounts of time, it was manageable.

    i have an idea! you can keep the lily! just use her for when you're going somewhere where you don't have to carry her for a long time! to visit relatives, to the movies, somewhere where you are sitting. or if you go on a trip & can just keep the bag in the car & take out the heavier stuff when you leave the car. there's possibilities; don't give the bag up if you love her, just find other ways to keep her in ur life :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone for your support. I am still deciding as to weather or not I will keep the bag. Its sort of adorable and I have been waiting for months for it. Maybe it could be the kind of thing that I carry when I go out for dinner with my hubby.

    I sold off all my large leather totes a year ago. The only style bag that I seem to be able to carry is a satchel. I actually have two LV speedies that work beautifully. Unfortunetly I also have two LV totes (not leather) that are quite large. Carrying them over the shoulder really bothers me so I am am going to sell both on eBay.

    The good news is I went shopping this evening and I was roaming around Neiman Marcus and I found a Red LV Alma. I shouldn't have done it but knowing I am going to sell my other LV's I bought it. Its very similar to my LV speedy I love so much. I am going to take it with me for the holidays and I know it will make me smile. It was a little pricy though so I am on a purse ban until February!