I am so sad.... I sent my Zucca spy back....

  1. to Jomashop. I have obsessed about the spy bag for so long and still love it. But, it just was not working for me. If I brought it to work, I would have to leave it on my desk (too big) for my drawer. It would be too easy for someone to steal my wallet out of there. And I would not want to leave it on the floor.

    I had not used it and it was sent back in all its original packaging. I don't know if they will accept it being that it was past 30 days. If they send it back I will think we were meant to be together. :nogood:

    But, if they do take it back and refund me, my misfortune may be someone else's good fortune. Keep watching for it, you probably won't get it for $885, since all their prices have gone up.
  2. Sorry you had to send the bag back...My daughter has this bag and she loves it....I hope you find the perfect bag...Good luck...
  3. and, did they accept the return?
  4. It has been 2 weeks since they received it. I have not got my money back yet. Just an email that they received the bag and are processing it. Hopefully, I will see a refund soon.
  5. It is a big bag...you will find something you love again for sure! Thats never too hard! lol
  6. oh, i see. keep us posted! :tup:
  7. I had the same problem! I love that bag but it is just too big for me and I couldn't keep it. Don't worry, you will find something else that is PERFECT for you!!
  8. I have a desk drawer that is meant for files but I've cleared to keep my bags.

    However, you should consider a bag hook if that's not an option. When I go to conferences away, or use desks in the offices in other cities, I bring a bag hook. Granted the Spy is heavy and the handles are not as easy to slip onto the bag hooks, but so long as you don't go into your bag constantly, it should be okay.
  9. I checked with them this morning and they told me they refunded my credit card on the 25th. Have not seen the money yet on my card. Called jomashop again and was told it will take upto 5 business days for the credit to be posted. So, I wait until Wednesday morning.