I am so relieved!!UPS finally found my black vintage ligne tote!!

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  1. It should be here early next week!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Yahoo! The ark will achieve balance once again! Congrats!!
  3. Thank goodness they found it... I was beginning to get VERY nervous for you!!
  4. OMGoodness!
  5. lucky you!! Fedex was not able to find my 2 chanel bags form NMs.....so NM had to refund me the $$, sucks..
  6. Oh, I hope you are able to find the ones you love!! I know how disappointing it is when you are waiting for something and it doesn't arrive....
  7. It was a nightmare! I know the packages must have been stolen since they were just left at my front door according to fedex.....and NM....I thought they should have excellent customer service and should have a standard procedure and all SAs should know how to handle situations like this.....but to disappoint me....most SAs don't have a clue and I got lots of different conflicting info as to how NM will handle this.....I was told that they have processed my refund yesterday though since it's so recent is not shown on my account yet when I checked online.....but this really discourage me from ordering anything on the phone from NM......I have yet to complain about one particular employee at veags NM, he was so rude to me on the phone!
  8. i'm glad they found your bag
  9. can't wait to see pictures. i am so happy for you.
  10. Congrats on finding your bags!! It must have been a terrible wait.
  11. i'm so happy for you! :yahoo:
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I can't wait to see pics of the black and burgundy together at last!:yes:
  13. That's so awesome - Definitely post pics when it arrives!
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