I am so proud of myself!! Broke my white bag phobia!

  1. Hi gals,
    Some of you may remember that I have a thing for white bags. I think they look so chic and I can't resist buying them. However, once bought, they tend to sit pristinely in their dustbags and I NEVER carry them. Had the white reissue...never saw the light of day....white baby cabs, same thing...Even so, I just couldn't resist the lure of a the white diamond stitch tote. I bought it and there it sat, again in the dustbag. But yesterday I pulled it out and have been wearing it with abandon for the last two days!! :yahoo:I absolutely love it! Am at work now but will try to post pix later!
  2. Congratulations! You actually inspired me to break out of my 'black bag' comfort zone with your gorgeous white bags!
  3. awww yay!! the white diamond stitch tote is sooo gorgeous, I'm positive it looks fab on you!!

    do i hear more white bags in the future :graucho:
  4. wooohooo!
  5. Looks like a white summer for you!!! Great to hear...enjoy.:yahoo:
  6. Yes!! I am already kicking myself for selling my white baby cabas because I was a big chicken!:push: Plotting for my next white bag!!!
  7. OMG Stacy! :nuts::yahoo: Finally! I knew you would come around eventually! :p Enjoy your white bags, they are gorgeous!
  8. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Good for you!:wlae:
  10. am so glad for you, Stacy! i am totally over the white bag nervousness too..................the way i figure it, its just the first couple times carrying it that's kind of nervewracking until we prove to ourselves that its not half as delicate as we may have thought or been told! and then comfort settles in ............and the white baby and us coexist happily ever after..............:p
  11. :drinks: yay!
  12. Stacy - you're much braver than I...now you are my role model, one day I shall conquer my fear and join you in the ranks of Those Who Carry White Bags!! :lol:
  13. Good for you! White bags are your friends!

  14. I feel so silly to have ever had the phobia.
    I was out with a very chic and wonderful friend on Tues and she had the original cabas in white. She looked extremely chic and comfortable with the bag and didn't baby it at all. It totally changed my perspective and I broke out my lovely white baby the very next day.
  15. Jenn, you must do it!! If Claudia and I can, you can!!