i am so proud i resisted the new prada soft calf clutch!


Aug 2, 2009
I like simple designs..

i quite liked this bag as featured on purseblog a few days ago.. and since i have not bought another new expensive bag since last November; i thought hmm.. maybe i could consider this.


First, i checked with Joanna from Prada Hawaii. She doesn't have it. Ok good thing.. cos i would have bought it in black from her.. So i went to my local Prada.. they have it in soft calf.. I tried holding it.. I thought long and hard.. It's classy, it's simple, it looks more expensive than it really is..

But I decided i wasn't comfortable enough with it to buy it.. This is because it really is too big as a clutch. Because it has so much room, you might tend to put more in it than you should for a clutch.. you might end up bulking it.. and putting more weight than you would be comfortable carrying for a clutch..

Besides, it also looks too businesslike for a clutch i intend to use as a day-evening bag. My style is more sheath-dresses and shoulder-carry bags or totes.. this clutch just looks too much like an A4 folder!

In the end, i walked away from it..

I am glad i stopped myself from buying another bag i wasn't sure about.. otherwise i would be adding to my collection of "stuff i changed my mind about" hahaha

so my new rule.. is buy only if i can;t stop thinking about it!

but there's a pair of kitty heels at Tods i have been thinking about off/on for the last few days..


Nov 19, 2006
Congrats on your decision. I think we've all been guilty of purchasing bags on a whim without thinking too much. Better to make sure you really LOVE the bag first!
There will be another one you'll be craving soon enough:P


Aug 2, 2009

whoa.. i didn't know the lining is made of pleather.. all the more glad i didn't buy it then.

the SA was proudly telling me.. even the insides are made of leather!!!

how can Prada use pleather!!!

SERIOUSLY.... :nono:

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
^^^The S.A. didn't know the difference. It's an honest assumption that a $1350 clutch made by Prada WOULD be lined in leather. Ah, the good old days.....