I am so PMSing right now

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  1. I just ate a Ho-Ho and am now washing it down with some Tostitos. Now I want a chocolate covered Tostito.

    What PMS food do you crave?
  2. Is that what it is? I was wondering why I'm so damn hungry....I thought I was just being a porker, but I'm PMS too :lol:
  3. My pms just passed last week and during that wonderful time period I was craving shrimp enchildas...if I could have rolled myself up in one and ate my way out I would have thought I hit the mother load. Instead I decided to just eat 2 and I was in heaven! (ice cream was the second in command, anything with peanut butter and chocolate covered peanuts...) good lord:shame:
  4. Anything that has chocolate. I especially love a warm brownie with vanilla icecream on top... Yummy...
  5. i crave chocolate when i'm PMSing (which would be right now) plus i just get extra hungry in general.....and of course there're the hormones...i cried thorugh 2 hours of extreme makeover home edition last night
  6. UG I know what you mean. I would cry at a supermarket opening right now!
  7. Cadburys chocolate with raisons
  8. Oh you guys... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. I usually crave chocolate almonds and boba tea drink! :P I'm also on PMS right now... just last night, I was crying just thinking of my baby cousin leaving me for college soon. :cry:
  10. okay I just inhaled my third Ho-Ho. I'm retaining more water than the hoover dam and I'm supposed to go skiing tomorrow. I'm gonna look like the Michelin tire man going down the slopes.

    I'm sorry, I'm getting pissy. Thanks for letting me vent.
  11. So am i weird for not feeling anything when i'm PMSing?:sad: You girls make me worry about my system.
  12. Chocolate covered Tostito :sick: ....that sounds like a pregnant kind of craving! I usually like anything salty, which isn't good because I'm already bloated enough :huh: . Look at the brightside, at least you don't feel like strangling anything that moves the wrong way...like I do when I'm PMSing!
  13. everones different. feel very very blessed. I hate you right now.

  14. yeah I would think that too but you have to have sex to get pregnant. lately, my husband and I have been 2 ships passing in the night.....(too darn tired!)
  15. :lol: I always cry through that show, wether I'm PMSing or not!