I am so over Hermes

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am so over the Hermes staff in the Melbourne Australia store, they have been rude to me alot of times , let me start at the beginning.

    1. I had been shopping in Collins Street ( Louis Vuitton and Chanel ) and i had the bags in my car and also I'm not really a fancy dresser ( i was just wearing t-shirt and jeans ) I walked into the Hermes store looked around nothing really interetsed me but ive always wanted a Kelly , so i thought I would ask about one and i got told "We do not stock the Kelly's nor Birkin's and there is no list" and the B**** walked off.

    2. This was only last week , I went into Hermes again this time with my Prada shopping and I was just looking and i thought i would ask about my Kelly again -.- , so I asked the gentleman and he brought out this yellow Kelly and I said No Thanks I want it in black and bigger , and he grunted at me and walked away and served someone else , like he didn't even say anything else or anything.

    Like seriously people , what is wrong with me i've also had this customer service at Jimmy Choo and once at Prada , I think i must just set off vibes.
  2. LVGirl37 welcome to the Melbourne store. I have heard similar stories from my friends who's been to that store. Personally I've been to the store but have never asked for help hence they couldn't have been rude to me, but I do feel that they couldn't care less about people walking in. So I guess the Melbourne store is a little notorious in this regard.

    On the other hand, I have nothing but exceptional service from the Sydney store. Even though there are negative stories also but the majority of the Sydney staff are very very helpful. Gold Coast also received a lot of praises from fellow tPFers. Maybe you could try those stores!
  3. I second mudmud on the Sydney store. I thought the staff there was super helpful and let me play with any bag they had in stock - more than once. Sorry to hear about your experience in Melbourne (haven't been to that one)
  4. The Gold Coast store at Marina Mirage has the nicest staff. They are so kind, helpful and can have some fun!
  5. sorry this happened to you OP, they are so rude.
  6. I am also in Melbourne and from what I gather the Melbourne store is notorious for their rude, unhelpful service. I have never personally been in there and all the stories really do put me off visiting the Melbourne store. It is such a shame as there are a few small things that I would like to purchase now but I am too intimidated to walk in there.

    It shouldn't matter whether you are a fancy dresser or not, at the end of the day you are a customer who potentially wants to buy!

    I am going to wait until I am either in Sydney, on the Gold Coast or O/S before I visit Hermes. Until then I am looking to buy from TPF approved ebay sellers or resellers.
  7. Sadly, there's a type of sales associate that's drawn to high-end retail, and their customer service skills are about nil. As someone that has worked at all levels of retail, there's NO excuse for this type of behavior, and it's sad when you can get better service at a Target than at a store where you could easily spend thousands in no time at all.

    I look at it this way though, if I have to cop an attitude or dress up to get better service, I'll take my business elsewhere. The ironic thing is that the overwhelming majority of the rich aren't wearing a Rolex, they're not wearing expensive shoes, driving fancy cars or dripping in jewels....and yet they're the ones these fools will trip over to serve when they could be the cheapest type of customer.

    Here's a story one of my college professors told. Years ago a salesman at a car dealership was dismissive of an older man in the showroom that was wearing overalls. He couldn't possibly have the money to purchase a car so he didn't care and treated him accordingly. This man then went to another dealership and was treated well. He bought six cars, one for each of his grandchildren, and he paid in cash. The guy was a rich farmer, and he spent where his business was wanted.

    If more of us did this, a lot of the high-end retail associates might get off their backsides and give everyone the service they deserve.
  8. ^The oldest saying in the book is don't judge a book by its cover! Too true.

    Often the most wealthy of people are very low key.
  9. LVGirl37, Im sorry to hear what happened to u at H Melbourne store and other high end stores as well. Despite of yes, we do need to represent ourselves well, it is still unfair and not right to be treated this way I would said, those SAs simply rude. And jeans/tshirts can be fashionable and trendy btw.

    Join us at http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-shopping/hermes-sydney-351357-90.html for more information to get ur kelly.

    For sure, just go to Gold Coast, especially the Surfer Paradise stores, Ive been there so many times and the black kellys u wanted is always available at the store. The SAs and managers are wonderful. Despite of being a customer at H Sydney, my visit experiences to H SP are nothing but fun and wonderful. H SF I would say its kelly heaven!

    For a sneak peak of recent H SPs:

  10. Well stated mudmud ;)
  11. Ammietwist Thank you for sharing your story. You are so absolutely and 200 percent right. That's the way I try to live too.
    Still - it sometimes hurts.

  12. LVGirl37 I had the worst experience in the H store in Buenos Aires last month. I had spotted a 28 black box kelly one day and came back with my husband who wanted to give it to me for our anniversary. We were treated so rudely that at some point, with the bag over the cash desk and the credit card out, I couldn't but tell my husband: Are you feeling the same hostility? Why don't tell them to get lost? we looked at each other and got out the store!!!! Next day I called my nice SA in Madrid and fixed my purchase with them, I have to wait for a while but this kind of treatment is intolerable, in my humble opinion buying in Hermes must be a whole pleasant experience... it is not a supermarket, is it?

    I live in the next block to Hermes Buenos Aires and I won't never come back!!!! too bad for them!!!! :supacool:
  13. I went into the San Diego Hermes store at Fashion Valley to inquire about getting a replacement leather band for my watch. The SA was rude, said they didn't stock them and went to the back to call someone to find out what she can do.

    She made me feel like I was burdening her.

    I waited and waited...granted, I was dressed very casually and didn't inquire about a handbag because I'm not ready to buy one yet.The SA did not come out for like 5 mins. It was so annoying.

    Luckily, I got a call from a client and went outside to take the call because I knew it was going to be a long one and never came back.

    I feel like the SA's judge customers based on what they look like. If I did that, I wouldn't be in business.
  14. Snowie810 when I was mistreated I was perfectly dressed: dress, pumps, H scarf and Birkin... please, don't think that you deserve such a rude treatment just because you were going casual, as I told before I reckon that make a purchase in H must be an experience itself, kind of a spa treatment for your self-esteem.

    Anyway, I'd like to know if there is an address where we can complain. Wouldn't be nice to let them know our opinion?