I am so not in the loop ...

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  1. I have loved bags since I can remember ... my collection started with Kate Spade ... moved on to Marc Jacobs and over the past year, I have bought a Luella, 3 Chanels, a Chloe, two Fendi's, two LV's, a Balenciaga, a Miu Miu, a Mulbery, a Burberry and a number of nylon Pradas (I live in a very humid rainy climate) ...

    Should I be embarrassed that I have spent a fortune on these bags? I am by no means super wealthy ... I can afford a few pieces but I have definitely gone overboard ... and my husband's fear is that what I have bought are all too trendy (actually some are not, I have a LV Monogram Canvas and a Chanel 2.55) - but I also have a silverado, a ligne cambon, a spy, among others - how long do you think I will be able to wear them ???

    As for the thread title ... for someone who has so many bags - I have not a clue about them (model name, styles, etc) - you guys all know soooo much ... I feel so stupid ... like I know I have a Balenciaga Lariat - but I have no CLUE which style it is ... how do I find out???
  2. I would post pictures or look on the designer's site. I'm looking all day on the web, so I think that's how I get my info. Plus forums like this help a lot! Bad habit, I know...

    You have a nice collection. Take pictures, I'd love to see them all!
  3. i agree with addicted, you could post them here! there are a lot of knowledgable people here that could help you.

    i, too, would LOVE to see your collection!
  4. Sounds like you have a great collection. Fun and functional pieces. Buy what you like. And wear what you want when the mood strikes. Style comes from inside, all the adornments are icing on the cake. (I love icing!) The LV and Chanel are timeless. The Balenciaga has been going strong for 4 - 5 years now. Besides everything comes back around. Even the Disco matalics from the 70's.

    Remember the media said that the pashmina shawls were out? How come everyone still uses them? Forget the "in/out" lists. They don't work, unless you are in a high pressure area like Washington DC where conforminity seems to be the rule (apologies to anyone in DC - hear is is lovely there).

    So relax and buy what makes you happy.:biggrin:
  5. I would love to see it too!

    My BF flipped when I told him I won an LV on eBay cause that's my most expensive purchase for a purse/bag. He calmed down a bit but he did have a point. I've been buying like they're burning all the unpurchased purses tomorrow or something.
  6. i will take pictures ... I am off to Bangkok Thailand this weekend so I plan to purchase a bag there ...

    I am so bad !!!
  7. I just start learning bags from this forum too and everyone all so helpful!
  8. No kidding. I love pashmina's because they are so practical. I keep one in my office for days then the air conditioner goes on steroids, and I always take one with me when I fly. You can fold it up and stuff in a purse, they're warm but not heavy and bulky. Sorry to go OT here. :shame:
  9. Harley, hang out here and you'll get introduced to all kinds of bags. You and I can be fellow Handbag Mavens In Training!
  10. You should definitely post pictures in the showcase area of the forum. I know when I first joined the forum, I thought I knew a lot, but found that there was a lot to learn. It's definitely addictive, and extremely hard not to just buy up all the wonderful bags that have been discussed on the forum. You'll get there, and you are definitely not "out of the loop".