I am SO NOT happy!!! Lost auction to Professional reseller...

  1. I'm sorry........
  2. sorry to hear that..hope you will get another chances next time
  3. Aww. So sorry, hope you get one soon!
  4. i'm sorry....i know how you feel. i lost to that reseller once too.
  5. I totally get it and can sympathize.

    I've been sniped by professionals so many times I don't even bid anymore.
  6. that sucks. that's why i usually go for items with a "buy it now" option. that way, no one can outbid me. what i've also found that works, is ask the seller if they have a buy it now price, or if they are willing to accept offers. 9 times out of 10, they'll do one or the other for you.
  7. That sucks! But it's not that much of a discount anyway- might as well just buy a new one. And I would highly reccommend sniping- since starting, I've never gone back to outright bidding. I always use biddingscheduler.com beacuse it's free :p
  8. Sorry about that!

    I remember seeing this auction a while back, and I think the seller recycled his pics... :s
  9. Ugh! So sorry that you got outbid...I have a good idea of who that seller is. :cursing:

    I know everything is fair game on eBay, but I know how frustrating it can be if you get outbid on something YOU really want...
  10. Me too!:sad:
  11. me three!!!!!:crybaby: :sweatdrop: ;)
  12. does anyone know what's their selling ID is?!!! since it is their buying ID....i always wondered....
  13. Their selling ID is Fashionphile. This has been discussed in the eBay section extensively.
  14. that sucks! i always use BIN option because it's impossible to compete. :sad: