I am SO naffed off with ebay!!!

  1. I have recently been badly burned on eBay - chloe- babe knows why..... and just needed to vent some steam about ANOTHER seller that has also annoyed me!!

    I am not happy with this seller, and wanted to warn others about them.

    The seller listed this bag in December - see link below

    and lost the item to someone called aggyberlyn.......

    I was convinced the seller was shill bidding as:-

    1) The auction ended at 10.52am on the 17th Dec and by 18.02pm on the SAME day, the buyer had apparently received the bag and left positive feedback for the seller..... (look at the feedback on listing above)

    2) The seller's personal email starts with alexandraberlyn@####### (I know this because she emailed me more photos of the bag)

    Hhhhhmmmmm........ sisters perhaps??? Shill bidding??? Definitely!!!

    So I reported the seller to eBay as I was so annoyed - I really liked the bag and was outbid about 20 minutes by aggyberlyn before the auction finished...

    Anyway, the seller wasnt suspended (dont know why) and

    TODAY, i have caught her trying to sell the bag again!!!!!!

    She claims that she is relisting because there were payment problems with the other seller... .but that is total cr*ap as the buyer left feedback saying 'great ebayer!!! Very fast delivery.....'

    I am so naffed off with eBay at the moment. Please can someone restore my faith?

    On another note - do people think the bag is real? I still really like it - but having had a bad experience with her, I dont think I will be bidding on it again.... and anyway, I have reported her again for misuse of ebay so hopefully she'll be thrown off v soon!!:p
  2. She's using pictures from at least two bags in her auction. One of those pictures is of a leather bag, and the others of a fabric bag. I personally would NEVER buy from a seller with such low feedback, and now knowing the history I wouldn't touch this auction with a 10 foot pole.:yucky:
  3. Really?? Which of the photos is the leather bag? I never noticed. I just thought it was a jersey bag with leather inside which is normal, right?

    But I agree - I dont think anyone should touch this auction. She is a scammer and such a shame as the seller is supposed to be selling for charity (according to pinch vintage myspace account).

    Anyway, am keeping my fingers crossed that ebay suspend her....I have had enough of dodgy sellers!
  4. maybe she was suspended for shill bidding? so she did that and aet up the ebays fees? wow. sorry it happened to you.
  5. Maybe my eyes are bad, but this picture looks like it's from a leather bag.:shrugs:

  6. I have just read my initial thread starter - and I am panicking now cos I dont want anyone to think I am implying that chloe-babe is the seller I am warning people about .......

    Just wanted to make that clear.

    The reason I mentioned Chloe Babe in my previous thread is because she has been really helpful in helping me to gather information about ANOTHER ebay scammer that I have unfortunately got caught up with ... I posted about that experience on Fashionispoison's thread about Hinna and Chloe Babe kindly PMd me to give me some advice and information about the seller.

    Thanks to Chloe Babe, I have been able to file a police complaint and we have been able to suspend the seller again, cos she set up a different account the day after she was initially suspended!

    Once again, many thanks to Chloe Babe for all her help!! I really appreciate it and am so pleased to see all the positive comments and support that all PFers seem to give each other on all threads. I wish you all lived near me! What a nice little community we'd all make! :smile:

    I am SO over ebay!
  7. Smoothoprter - think you might be right!! I just assumed that the inner flap was made of leather on outside of flap and inner bit...... can anyone with a jersey 2.55 confirm that?

    What a scammer
  8. In the pic I posted from the auction the outter part looks like leather. The inner part I knew was leather, but the outter part looks like leather in the picture when it should be jersey.
  9. Ahhh, I see! Thanks for that info. I always learn so much from my fellow PFers - thats why I love this forum so much!! Well I hope no one bids on the bag, and keep fingers crossed that she will be suspended soon!
  10. Damn good EYE Monica !!!!
    I had to go back and look 4 times..
    I would have never caught this.. the nerve using seperate photos..

  11. At £250.00, i can barely dare believe it is a real deal :confused1:
  12. I know what you mean... and thats what I thought the first time seller listed it... but I thought, well maybe I will be lucky and get a good deal cos she had 0 feedback and didnt seem to know much about the bag.....

    But i honestly did think this was real - has anyone ever seen a fake chanel jersey bag?

    Anyhows, there is no way I would ever buy anything from this seller now - she is a shill bidder - dishonest. I really hope she gets thrown off ebay!!
  13. THe seller has very little feedback and it's quite a risk to buy it from her even though if it's an authentic bag. In fact, it's really sad that some of the ebay seller is not geninue and even a scammer which i have met quite a few in the past.
  14. did you ask why the "buyer" left feedback for her & she for the "buyer" as if it was a completed transaction.....
    I wouldn't touch this auction with a 10 foot pole!!!!!
  15. That is super shady! It definitely does look like shill bidding to bolster her feedback (or else the fastest shipping of all time). Not cool.