I am so mad!

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  1. I had a bag listed on eBay, and a girl gave me a best offer for it, which I accepted. I was waiting for payment and waiting for payment and finally emailed her and asked her when I could expect payment so I could ship the bag. She said her credit cards have all been declined, and she could not afford it! She offered me $35 as a "restocking" fee and asked that we withdraw feedback. I emailed her and told her that I would not accept the $35 and would be leaving negative feedback for her. I said that when you bid on something, it is like a contract to buy. Don't bid if you can't afford it! I'm sure she will likewise leave negative feedback for me. I am so mad that now i have to relist the bag.

    Did I do the right thing?! Please help me, dear PF'ers.
  2. Wow, that sucks. Although it sounds as if your buyer was genuinely sorry which is why she offered you $35. I'd cut her some slack. Yes, you'll have to relist, but these things happen on eBay. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's the nature of the beast. She probably won't leave you negative feedback because there's really nothing that she can say in her own defense.

    Look at it this way, maybe when you relist you'll get a higher price! It could happen. Good luck!
  3. I hate that too, but I would take the $35 and relist. Some battles are just not worth it. Wow at least she offered a restocking fee. Good Luck! Sorry I can't be more supportive... the perils of eBay have left me numb!
  4. I would've accepted the $35, I mean there could've been so many different reasons for her cards to be declined right? But GL selling it anyway :smile:
  5. Make sure the FB you leave is professional and factual. She will prob neg you. You will want to sound good. Something like: She Made Offer, Accepted, NPB, Bidder stated she had no $ to pay
  6. Wait 7 days and file the unpaid item dispute....that way you can get your final value credit back from Ebay...then she gets a negative from Ebay...you can still go ahead and relist your item...you don't have to wait....I am going through exactly the same thing right now....
  7. Sorry you had this happen, but yes it is EBAY! Surprisingly she offered you $35. I've had so many auctions where the buyer either doesn't respond or they come up with some lame excuse like my daughter used my account and she wasn't suppose to, or my relative died, etc. etc. ........ which I do realize can certainly happen, but sometimes you just get tired of the excuses. Take the $35 if she can fit that on her CC debt!
  8. i would take her good gesture...
    things like this happens although it sucks!

  9. i agree. i mean, the $35 covers your cost, right? and i agree that an offer to counterweight your fees in return for not buying the item is rather genuine of the buyer. the buyer did not seem to be trying to stiff you.

    Sorry for your ebay troubles though.
  10. You can file a "mutually agree to not complete transaction" and you will receive a credit for your ebay final value fees and you will receive a relist credit if the bag sells upon relist. You do not have to wait 7 days to file.

    That way, all your fees are covered and you can still leave feedback if you choose to.

    Just do an ebay search and you will see the link

  11. I would take the money, it was a nice gesture on her part and rarely will that happen from a buyer again. Sometimes things happen like this, its frustrating I know, but its part of the whole ebay game. Legal and binding yes, but no one enforces it.
  12. I would take the 35 & relist, you can still get your fees back from ebay if you file a non paying bidder report. This girl is not going to pay you so not point in risking bad feedback just get rid of her as a time waster & move on!
  13. I hate this type of buyer!! Her $35 won't solve the problem, you waste your time to wait and wait for her payment then she'll compensate ( spell-right? ) with $35 only? :yucky:

    Process Unpaid Item Dispute. She has to assure she'd pay her purchase before she place a bid.
  14. ITA that your buyer sounds geniunely sorry and I would take her offer and just relist the bag. BTW, 99% of the NPB would never make this offer and some might even leave you a big fat negative even though they are the ones who are in the wrong in the first place :cursing:
  15. $35 will cover your listing fees. cut her a break. at least you're getting something and can resell it again. think back when you were broke... you'd want others to understand.