i am so mad


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Nov 3, 2006
ok so you know i got my stuff today. the red epi agenda was dirty and a little messed up so i wanted to exchange it. i got it in bermuda which is cheaper than the us and no tax. that's not why i got it there but that's what it is.

called saks this afternoon. they had one and put it on hold. fine.

rush over there after work because i have a class at 7. they give me a bit of a hard time- where did you get it? how did you get it? when did you get it? etc. finally they bring out the new one. THEN they tell me that I have to pay NYC sales tax AND the difference in price? um hello, what? finally we agree to just NYC tax but i am not happy but i have to go.

i call a friend who says i should call 866. i do. they tell me that for an even exchange i should not have to pay anything. that paying the tax is saks's rule not lv's. but there is nothing they can do. finally i give them the name of the person who helped me. she calls and he agrees to refund me the tax ONLY IF i can get there before they close. tomorrow is too late.

have class. luckily it's very short. i get into a cab with a driver who speaks no english. make it to saks 2 min before they close. seriously. the lv people see me coming and 2 walk into the back when i walk up. the guy bit his lip so hard it was bleeding. i am not kiddding. i was like "um. you're BLEEDING" he says he will give me the tax back but i have to take back the old agenda. seriously. i cannot believe this. i just say fine and take it back. i did buy the icons book while i was there. i have no idea why. because i felt bag maybe?

anyway i called 866 again while i was there and the 5th ave store was closed but they assured me i can do an even exchange. i am very upset and am embarrassed to go to lv tomorrow. seriously, i am so afraid the guy is going to call them about me.

ps. he told me epi speedys don't come in boxes and the epi agendas don't have dustbags. is this true?


Aug 6, 2006
Don't be embarrassed! He should do the exchange like LV says period. Good luck! My agenda came in the dustbag but no box :shrugs: ...I didn't even think about asking for the box until it was too late.


Feb 6, 2006
small leather accessories don't have dust bags.. i think. MC does, but i'm not sure about epi. you can always ask for one if you want.. if you & your SA have a good relationship going, they'll give you one. i got one for my mono desk agenda.. i swear it's the size to fit a speedy 30! LOL!


Feb 14, 2006
Sorry to hear your experience :sad:

When I got my red epi speedy (which I returned) from elux, they put it in a box. Don't know about stores though.

Of course they have to give you a dust cover for *everything*, or else what's the point of having a care booklet that tells you to keep your item into the "felt pouch" when you're not using it.


Feb 14, 2006
The box was oversized to be honest. There was this 5 inch gap between the top of the bag and the top of the box. I wasn't happy when I saw the package because that means my ex-bag was rolling inside the package during transit!?

Anyway, the box is not the one that seperates into 2 halves top and bottom. It's just a flap top box, like this kind:

But I've also seen lots of tPFers asking for a box from the SA and they couldn't get one, so I suppose it's not uncommon that they don't give out boxes.

Dust bags on the other hand... if you have an epi care booklet, then show that line to that dude :roflmfao: