I am so mad!!!

  1. I am so mad at Net-A-Porter. I ordered a purse today from them for the first time. I have a PO BOX for my billing address. I contacted them about shipment to a PO BOX but the person I spoke to was in England and wasn't sure about the delivery for the US but she stated they wouldn't ship to PO BOX. So I gave them my sisters' address to ship it to since they require a signature.
    Well I received an e-mail from them stating that since I was a new customer they couldn't authorize shipping to another address. Then they go on to explain that they can't ship to a po box unless there is a recipient there for the package. Which I don't understand... doesn't a Post office worker qualify? Then they end the e-mail saying that if the PO BOX isn't a possibility that I would need to send them another address for them to ship the item to. Which still doesn't make sense since they said no the first time. I e-mailed them a response and my confusion but they haven't gotten back to me which is just as bad. Sorry it's so long...
  2. Oh dear. :sad:

    Because of CC fraud, I don't think many companies would send online purchases to a P.O. box, to be honest. :shrugs:

    Also, because you originally asked for it to be sent to a P.O. box, it's understandable that they are cautious to then agree to ship it to another address.

    Companies often take longer to authorise orders from new customers. :yes:

    Hopefully, if you state your case and remain calm and polite, they will realise that you are a genuine customer and not a fraudster and you will eventually get your bag.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Sorry this happened to you...Sometimes you can get a "regular" address for your PO. I have a PO and an address that UPS is ok delivering to, all I do is add the # of my box beneath the address. Hope it all works out!
  4. After 5 e-mails to Net-A-Porter...they finally e-mailed me stating that my bag shipped today. I am so excited...I ordered the Miu MIu nappa leather tote bag for $570 almost 40% off. I can't wait for it to get here.
  5. Oh CONGRATS!!!!!! So glad to hear it all worked out...can't wait to see pics of the new Miu Miu!!!!!!
  6. I know it's a pain, but they are just trying to be safe.
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