I am SO mad!!!!

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  1. Hi. I'm new here. I've been an avid Louis Vuitton collector for years, and I have tons of authentic LVs and know how to spot fakes from miles away.

    But then this week, I decided I wanted a Fendi spy bag. I don't live anywhere near any retailer that sells Fendi, so I went online. I decided eBay was scary (so many fakes) so I found this Web site called www.efashionstore.com. I assumed because the site swears their Fendis are real and charge an arm and a leg for them that they would be real.

    I just want to say that PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy from there.

    They are so fake. I could tell the second I opened the box. They are such bad fakes that even a LV expert and Fendi novice could tell.

    If anyone else has this experience, please let me know what to do. I returned the bag and they promised a refund, but I am so upset that I wasted nearly $1,000 on a fake!! I want to call the cops!!

  2. ouch! that's so harsh.

    fendi ships out too...where i live at least.
  3. Someone else has posted about them I think{?}
  4. Yeah. I just found it. Some users say the site sells real, others say it's fake. Trust me, it's definitely fake. The bag wasn't even leather.
  5. it's important to distinguish between efashionstore and efashionhouse. efashionhouse is real, efashionstore is faaake. sorry you had to learn the hard way :sad:
  6. I truly feel for you - if you paid by CC just do a chargeback to screw with them! Also, I noticed that they charge a 10% restocking fee - if you do a chargeback you won't have to pay that. That is probably how they make their money!!!
    One would have to be suspect though - they were selling the bag for almost $1,000 less than the Fendi store., that is suspicious in itself.
    Good Luck - I hope it all works out!!!:amuse:
  7. That's crazy! I looked at the site and the price are quite low on ther stuff...so it must be fake. I hope you get full refund back!
  8. I am so sorry for your experience...let us know what happens. Hopefully you'll be able to recoup some of your money back.
  9. Sic your CC company after them.
  10. definitely resolve this through your credit card company... i would not take a $1000 loss lying down.
  11. Yes, there are a number of threads in the Seller Watch about that site. Good luck getting your money back.
  12. I'd take it up with your CC company, regardless of whether or not they promised you a refund.
  13. I shipped the bag back to them via UPS w/ delivery confirmation/signature requirement. They got it today. I called them to demand they refund my card. Now they're saying it will take 10-12 business days -- three weeks?! -- to refund me! Yet it took them less than an hour to charge my card. The restocking fee is also stupid. So I basically have to pay $100 just because I returned a fake bag they said was real? I seriously want to find this man and cuss him out. I will NOT lose $1,000. I will challenge the charge w/ American Express if they don't remove it. Oh my God I am just insanely mad!!
  14. kismet24> You are in luck. You used AMEX? They are so good with charge backs. You can just call the customer service line and tell them what happened. They should charge back 100%. Amex may ask you to follow up with a letter explaining the situation.

    I had a few bad experiences with retailers and I just went directly to Amex and they took care of everything. I don't buy any big ticket item if the merchant don't accept Amex.

    It is so frustrating to be cheated. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  15. My God, I would be rally really mad... I hate online shopping unless I know for sure the place is trust worthy, i like to touch the thing i am buying before buying it