I am so MAD... SALE @ Dillards

  1. Okay today I went into Dillards just to see if they had the scribble tote so I could "try it on" while there I noticed the additional 30% off the clearance. I asked the SA if they had any marked down COACH and she said no only the wristlets and keyfobs. There was another customer also there. They started talking about their heritage (same background) and the customer also worked in Dillards etc. Well she pulls the girl (customer) aside and offers her a discounted bag from under the counter. Is that fair after I just questioned if they had any???? I did not like the bag but its the principle!!! Some people just frustrate me!!!!
  2. i would have TOTALLY SAID SOMETHING!


    *ahem* can i speak to your manager please?

    sry gf... i hope there's another place with coach pursies where you are.

    :smile: goodluck:smile:


  3. THAT reason right there is WHY I GO TO THE BOUTIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. OMG! I hope it's not the one at Univ. I just noticed you were from TB. I have the same problem with the Dillards here (Univ. and Intl.). I say we plan a trip to the boutique soon :biggrin:.
  5. ugh! that is so wrong!!!!! i would have complained, that is not fair at all.
  6. If I were you, I would go back to the store and speak with the manager about that. There is no way that woman should get away with that. Either the bags are on sale for everyone, or they shouldn't be on sale for anyone.

    Are you sure the other person wasn't just using some kind of Dillard's employee discount or something?
  7. That Really Sucks!!!!!
  8. Oh wow! I would have said something to a manager! That was SO unfair!
  9. that would irk me !
  10. oh I would be upset! Go talk to the manager, that was unacceptable!
  11. go complain....hey maybe if u make enough of an uproar she will give you a discount on another bag!!!
  12. That's not right. I would of said something.
  13. It was at Citrus Park Mall. I need to go to the boutique but I am trying not to go there until PCE time or the presale. My DH already told me I can get what I want!!!! YIPEE!!!!
  14. that really sinks!
    i would definately go complain and let the mgr know what kind of poeple she has working for her.
  15. Well, dang! It seems like all the Dillards here have a problem. What and when is the presale? :confused1: